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  • Seagrasses

    I am planning on ordering some seagrasses this weekend if anyone else wants in it will be paypal to me and let me know before Sunday 5 pm, of course it is free shipping so nm unless someone needs to have a place to ship too next week

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    darn, did you order already?


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      Naw i missed it still want to at some point though


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        Okay. FYI, I just bought some manatee seagrasses (and macroalgaes) from Diver Tom two weeks ago. $1 per grass/algae, and I ended up getting 10 extra plants. The shipping was painful at $60 or so for overnight. Still crazy cheap overall so I would do that again and I've been interested in Florida Pets' products for awhile too. Anyway hit me up for a group buy sometime.


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          Hey I know it's an old post but If you order any more I'd be interested in grasses and other macro algae. I'm in Fort Collins to.


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