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To keep or not

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  • To keep or not

    So I have all my corals from my old 120g in quarantine due to the tank leaking and having to rebuild. Before the tank leak somehow I got bubble algea, which is a complete pain in the ***** btw. Anyways my dilemma is do I spend the next two months cleaning rocks and hopefully getting it all off or just ditch it all and start over? Is there anyone who has had to deal with bubble algea like this?

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    Emerald crabs will destroy it if you get enough of them and have some patience. Most rabbitfish will eat them too.

    The people who think that emeralds do not work probably bough too few and then gave up too soon - they will eat the ones that you cannot see first (the easy ones) before wandering out into the open.


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      I've read that, but on the flip side I have read that contained in the liquid inside each bubble is spores, that once popped spread and so on using you emeralds or whatever to eat matured bubbles you are not eliminating the problem but instead masking the problem. Any thoughts?


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        I'm only being so anal about it is cause on the last tank the stuff gets everywhere. Like started clogging overflow baffles and gets on rocks, on the glass literally everywhere.


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          It is like every other kind of algae or aiptasia. Thinking that you can keep it out of your tank is a fools errand. You need consumers in your tank to keep it under control. I would take the rock out and pull off as much as you can and then let 10-12 emeralds go to work. Don't forget to feed them some flake food on occasion - they will need to eat more as the bubbles disappear.


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            Emerald crabs keep it in check just fine


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              Is it worth just keeping in check.....Or irradicating?


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