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Opinons on Alpha Aquaculture?

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  • Opinons on Alpha Aquaculture?

    Does anyone have any experience with or knowledge about Alpha Aquaculture? They are a large breeder of clownfish. My plan is to have a pair of either Onyx or Black Ice clowns in our 60g cube tank and I'm starting to do research on where to acquire my livestock from. They are based out of WI and it just so happens that the family vacation this year is to WI and we will be staying about 2 hours from their facility. I thought if anyone had good (or no bad) feedback on this company, I might make the time to go check them out.

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    i bring in alpha from time to time. their fish have great color and patterns.Not sure if you can purchase from them directly tho you need to have a retail business
    Ambrosio Aquatic's WWW.COLORADOCORAL.COM


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      Thanks for the reply. They do have an option to request retail sales on their site... but I'm not apposed to buying them from a local store if you can order in what I'm looking for. Although, if I could go to their breeding grounds and pick out the pair I wanted, that would be super cool!


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        i think you can pick out in person. i know they do a wysiwyg on their site but they ship it to a retail store of your choice
        Ambrosio Aquatic's WWW.COLORADOCORAL.COM


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          Thanks. I'm happy to have a local store be involved in the process, I'm a fan of supporting small businesses.


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            let me know if i can help you out in anyway
            Ambrosio Aquatic's WWW.COLORADOCORAL.COM


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              Will do man.


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