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Ouch!!!! What's your story?

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  • Ouch!!!! What's your story?

    I added a Niger Trigger to my tank in May and things have been great. The fish never bothers any other fish or corals but every time I put my hand in my tank it tries to bite me! Yesterday I took my eyes off of it for a split-second and it came flying out of nowhere and drew blood! OUCH!!! Along with a few other explicits brought the wife and kids running thinking I had been stabbed by the Lion fish. Much to their relief it was the trigger but my finger was still bleeding! Has anybody had similar issues with their fish? This might be a fun story telling opportunity thread. I have included a few pics of the bully for your viewing pleasure.

    FYI feeding consists of a weekly variety with clam on the 1/2 shell, krill, silversides, pellets, and various greens.

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    Oh man, that guy looks like he could do some damage!
    I recently managed to stab myself with a tube worm right under my finger nail.


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