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  • A little help

    What is this and how do I get rid of it?

    I noticed a small spot of it yesterday and today it is in four spots and two of them are about two inches across (in the pics)

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    It looks like cyanobacteria to me. I would suck out what you can and make sure you dont have any excess nutrients in the tank. Dont let it get out of hand though, i made that mistake lol.
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      Yep, looks like cyano. Some manual removal, reduced feedings, and more frequent water changes will get rid of it in time.


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        This stuff spreads like crazy though so watch it, and be aware if a chunk breaks off and goes somewhere else it will start growing there. You should be fine though because you noticed it so early.
        25 gallon reef


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          Yep, cyano. Suction it out, tune your skimmer, reduce your nutrients slightly, and it should disappear. If it gets really bad, go lights out for a few days. Once it's gone, check phosphate levels in addition to checking your other parameters and getting stuff in line. Not a reason to panic, but it's unsightly and blocks light.

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            I agree with everyone definitely cyano imo... I use this stuff called Red Cyano RX made by blue my experience just use the dose amount on the bottle for the size of the aquarium the stuff is reef safe I have used it many times.... the water changes if done frequently enough should get rid of it with good water params anyways good luck


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              Been fighting cyano for months. Ive used chemiclean twice. My nutrients all read zero but hair alga and cyano persist. I do believe I have a flow issue and could really use an mp 40. going to try kz coralsnow and zeobak later this week. If anyone has some other recommendations Im surely game.


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                cut back your feeding... and get an ecodrift pump.. hella cheaper than an ecotech and pushes a lot of water..


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                  I have a Ecodrift for sale if you are interested? It is way to much for my 40 gallon. Its one of the best pump/wavemakers ive ever seen and the price is right. Let me know. 100 bux

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                    Also look into your water source, to filter or components could be the culprit. All other suggestions are good too. Cheri clean should only be used with caution! And as a last resort.

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                      Clean your tank.. suck out what you can. use "red slime remover" as directed. it will make your skimmer go nuts but it works better than chemiclean IMHO Have had that once. tried all the normal stuff as listed above. only thing that killed it was the red slime remover.


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                        Check TDS coming out of your RO filter. You might need to refresh your carbon, resin, or membrane.

                        I don't know if poor lighting spectrum contributes to cyano - just thinking out loud here. If your lights are more than a few years old, they could be loosing their base color and that MAY be a contributing factor. Again, I have no data or experience to back that up. It's just a guess.


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