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Live Rock Sources

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  • Live Rock Sources

    I will be setting up another system here at school specifically to breed clownfish and study their genetics. I know I could probably get away with using dry rock or that real reef stuff, but I prefer actual live rock.

    Do any of our vendors carry live rock that was once in the ocean and not dead reseeded rock?

    What sources would you recommend for actual live rock?

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    Anybody can order you some. Pick a kind and buy it by the box - the more boxes the cheaper it gets. It should be pretty cheap, but you will have to cure it. Make sure and call a few stores - one might want full retail markup on it, but you will eventually find somebody who will get that they are just adding it to their order and never stocking it.

    Mike in Boulder got me the last 10 boxes that I got... I cannot remember how much it was, but it was cheaper than BRS was selling dry rock for after it shipped.


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      I think Keys island is ocean sourced I picked up some from him not to long ago with clams and a few corals on it

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