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    Anyway we can get a meeting together to go behind the scenes of the Denver aquarium? I thought it would be cool to see how they have their set up and ask them questions. I know it would be expensive but I'd be willing to pay my entrance fee as well I'm sure other people would. Is this something a board member can look into?
    60G Cube, 20G tall sump (DIY): 6 Blue/Green Chromis, 2 Wyoming White Clown, 1 Fire Fish, 1 Royal Gramma.
    Softball sized Hammer Head, 2 Quarter Sized Zoa's, 1 Baseball Sized Flower Pot, 1 Green Rainbow BTA

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    That would be def be cool to see, I would be in for that


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      I've done it. Very big protein skimmers.

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        I'd love to see it too
        29 gallon biocube thread


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          I'm in if this is a go. Would be fun to see all the large equipment.


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            I'm in!
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