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Product of the day

Discussion in 'Aqua Medic' started by Aqua-Medic, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod

    From time to time we will start posting a single product and give a little information about it. You are welcome to comment or ask questions about the products, or add anything you might like about the each product if you have experiance with it.

    Our doors are always open and anyone is welcome to come take a look at our products in person or even get some ideas for future set-ups.

    We just started setting up some some reef tanks ran with all Aqua Medic products, which is nice to see how some of the products work in action.
  2. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod

    Filter Bags

    Aqua Medic Filter/Media Bags with Plastic Zippers:


    These filter bags are designed to contain find filter media, such as activated carbon, antiphos Fe or other granular media. The filter bags are fitted with a zip fastener for quick and easy replacement of media. They come in bags of two.

    We carry three different sizes:

    Filter bag 1, 2 pcs., app. 8.6" x 5.9"
    Filter bag 2, 2 pcs., app. 8.6" x 11.8"
    Filter bag 3, 2 pcs., app. 8.6" x 17.7"

    How many times have you had to throw away a filter bag because the tie strings were knotted and tangles with a stretched out string that never held in the media completely? Not anymore with the simplicity of a zipper.
  3. hurrafreak

    hurrafreak Orca M.A.S.C Club Member

    Are the components of the zipper (handle, teeth) all plastic? Are they metal?
  4. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod

    It's actually all plastic. You would never know by how well it zips or just glancing at it.
  5. reefkoi

    reefkoi Barracuda Platinum Sponsor M.A.S.C Club Member

    I want some of those zipper bags! how do i get them?
  6. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod

    Gonzo's Coral Frags and D&G are the only MASC sponsors here which I believe to be currently carrying Aqua Medic products. Please contact either of them.
  7. Cherub

    Cherub Shark M.A.S.C Club Member

    Time for some metro area vendors to step it up! I want some but not worth an hour+ drive lol
  8. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod

    Might want to talk to Elite Reef about picking up the Aqua Medic line again.
  9. djkms

    djkms Shark Platinum Sponsor M.A.S.C Club Member

    I for one am glad to see you on the forums again. It would be wonderful to see a Aqua-Medic rep at more of the meetings so we can learn more about your products. Repetition, repetition, repetition. btw amazing tanks at your shop!
  10. gh0st

    gh0st Copepod

    Would love to see some of these Saturday at the open house, they look pretty nice!
  11. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod

    KR 1000 Calcium Reactor

    Today's product is the KR 1000 Calcium Reactor


    The CalciumreactorKR 1000 supplies dissolved calcium to reef aquaria up to 250 gal. It is a closed system designed for universal use. It can be operated on a bypass system, independent of the water level in the aquarium, in line with your auto top off system, or alternatively be installed in the filter sump.The KR 1000 has an integral port to accommodate a PG 13.5 threaded electrode tomeasure the pH value and a SP 3000 dosing pump for controlled water flow.

    Recommended accessories: pressure resistant pH (long)probe, threaded PG
    13.5,CO2 basic set, and hydrocarbonate for refill.

    MSRP $329.00

    Quit dosing your calcium by hand everyday, move up in the hobby and let the automation begin.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 27, 2012
  12. dv3

    dv3 Orca M.A.S.C Club Member

    cleaned this thread up a bit ...lets remember this is a sponsor thread and keep it on topic (myself included)
  13. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod

    Aqua Medic Plankton Reactor


    Zooplankton cultivation unit. Many species of salt and freshwater zooplankton can be cultivated in the plankton reactor. The zooplankton is fed with microalgae from the plankton light reactor. The zooplankton has great growth potential: under optimal algal nutrition the number of rotifers (Brachionus) may double over four days. Brachionus is ideal food for raising many marine fish larvae and invertebrates in the saltwater aquarium. Contents: plankton reactor approx. volume 2.5 liter (c.0.65 gal), wall bracket, and connections for air pump. Ø 80 3.2 in., length: 32in. Hose connection: 1/4 in.

    MSRP $119.00
  14. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod


    Aqua Medic's carbolitreactor is a compact chemical filtration chamber for aquarium use. It can be installed in-line with any standard canister filter or fed via with a separate pump. The carbolitreactor contains one liter of pH neutral carbolit and can be used for fresh and saltwater aquaria. One filling lasts, depending on the load and use, between 10 days (for removal of medications) to 12 months (for long term use as biological filter) in a 100 gal. aquarium. Dimensions: 3.2 in. Ø, length app. 14”), Hose connection 2/3 in.

    MSRP $74.99

  15. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod





    AquaMedic’s T5 fixtures are the lowest profile T5 fixtures on the market.

    Super-flat Aquarium Luminaire System for T5 bulbs

    - Aluminium housing - powder coated

    - Holding unit to mount the light system on top of theaquarium

    - Optionally equipped with Aqua Medic aquafit hangingsystem

    - Equipped with high performance reflectors

    -Equipped with LED moonlight (separately switchable)

    4, 6, or 8 bulb T5 can be hung or mounted. Each bulb with individual German engineered reflectors for maximum bulb efficiency.
  16. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod


    Aqua Medic’c Aquasunspot are constructed using 1 watt power LEDs. The combination of white (10,000K) and blue LED’s results in a perfect color spectrum for coral reef aquariums. 2 white to 1 blue. The light efficiency is ca. 90 lumen/watts.

    aquasunspot3 can be used in standard 12 V, 2 pin socket (MR16)

    aquasunspot7 and aquasunspot 12 can be used with E27 socket

    aquasunspot 3 -3 W 16K, MR16, 2 white/1 blue LEDs

    aquasunspot 7 -7 W 16K, PAR38, 4 white/3 blue LEDs

    aquasunspot 12 - 12 W 16K, PAR38, 8 white/4 blue LEDs

    aquasunspot 3 MSRP $34.99

    aquasunspot 7 MSRP $75.99

    aquasunspot 12 MSRP$129.00

    Perfectfor cubes tanks, corner tanks, round/half circle tanks, custom, and areas of dead lighting.
  17. hurrafreak

    hurrafreak Orca M.A.S.C Club Member

    When are the 3W coming out that I recently saw on Reefbuilders? Also, wasn't there a fixture being made by you guys as well?
  18. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod

    I wish both were here already. I guess Germany is selling out of them faster than they can manufacture them. I will post it on here right away when they come in. I'm just as excited.
  19. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod


    Reef Construct, qty. of two 2 oz sticks

    A two-part epoxy putty to secure rock and hard and softcorals in the aquarium Reef Construct solves many of the problems encountered during the aquascaping of fresh and salt water aquariums. With Reef Construct, rock formations can be safely built, invertebrates with inadequate base pads can be anchored, and hardcoral cuttings can be secured. Reef Construct is a fast curing, two-part epoxy putty that can even be used underwater. It adheres to rock, wood, metal, glass, plastic, concrete and most other materials.

    MSRP $14.99

  20. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod


    Pressure regulator for precise control of CO2dosing into the aquarium regular is chrome plated and offers: a fixed workingpressure of c. 1.5 bar, a needle valve for fine adjustment, two pressure gaugesto show both the cylinder and working pressures regular fits industry standardCO2 cylinders having an external valve.
    MSRP $169

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