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Product of the day

Discussion in 'Aqua Medic' started by Aqua-Medic, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod


    TheReeflexCube magnetic ballasts for HQI lamps are a mix of tried-and-true technology and innovative design. The advanced cooling architecture features a top mounted fan crowning 4 well ventilated walls for unprecedented ventilation which increases life expectancy. Every component of this ballast is easily accessible and replaceable. Hand made in the USA!

    Ballast 1x150W HQI ANSI M-81 (l x w x h) 7 x 7 x 8 in. MSRP $99.99

    Ballast 1x250W HQI ANSI M-80 (l x w x h) 7 x 7 x 8 in. MSRP $109.00
  2. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod


    For monitoring CO2 dosage the Bubble Counter is a simple and safe unit for monitoring the dosing rate of CO2 gas into aquaria. It should be installed in the low pressure side of the gas delivery circuit. An integrated non return valve prevents water flow back and a robust mounting plate enables easy fixing to the outside of the aquarium.
    MSRP $29.99
  3. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod


    Kalkwasser stirrers automatically produce Kalkwasser to replace the evaporated water in saltwater aquaria. They should be used in conjunction with an automatic refill device, e.g. the Niveaumat. The top off water is pumped from a reverse osmosis or a reservoir through the Kalkwasser stirrer. Inside the unit a sediment of Calciumhydroxide powder is slowly stirred so it is kept in suspension.

    Kalkwasser stirrer KS 1000: for aquaria up to 400 gal.

    Dimensions: app. 4.3 in. Ø x 20in., 1/4 in. hose connection

    Kalkwasser stirrer KS 5000: for aquaria up to 1250 gal.

    Dimensions: app. 8 in. Ø x 24 in.,1/4 in. hose connections

    Kalkwasser stirrer KS 1000 MSRP $289.00

    Kalkwasser stirrer KS 5000 MSRP $629.00
  4. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod


    Motor driven external protein skimmer for aquaria up to 5,000 litres (1,250 gal)
    The Turboflotor 5000 series protein skimmers have been developed for larger aquaria. To supply the skimmer with water, a separate pump with a capacity of 2,000 - 4,000 l/h (c. 500 - 1,000gph), e.g. Ocean Runner OR 3500, is required.

    T 5000 twinTotal height 76 in., footprint: app. 26.7 in x 11.4 in.
    Venturi pumps: 2 x Ocean Runner OR 3500
    MSRP $1499
  5. hurrafreak

    hurrafreak Orca M.A.S.C Club Member

    It might be cool to highlight some of the differences between your product, and other competitors products? Something like a "why should I buy this product" sort of thing?
  6. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod


    Phosphate and silicate remover for the control of algal growth for freshwater and saltwater aquariums antiphosFe is an ideal medium for selectively extracting phosphate and silicate from aquarium water, thus counteracting unwanted algal growth. antiphos Fe is a highly active granular ferric oxide or iron based product containing no aluminium and is completely nontoxic to aquarium plants and animals. The binding capacity of antiphos Fe is app. 10g phosphate/kg. Subjectto the conditions 500 ml of antiphos Fe will treat a normally populated 80gal. aquaria for app. 3-6 months.
    antiphos Fe 500 ml MSRP $21.99
    antiphos Fe 1000 ml MSRP $39.99
    antiphos Fe 5000 ml MSRP$179.00
  7. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod


    TheTurboflotor5000 Shorty Compact is a powerful skimmer for up to 400 gal., and for in-cabinet installation. Like the larger models, they are supplied with a venturi pump and our patented needle wheel. The water supply to the skimmer requires a second pump with a capacity of min. 500 gph. The skimmer may also be directly connected to the overflow of the aquarium. In this case it is recommended that a bypass be installed to control the water flow to the skimmer, especially if powerful return pumps are used. Reduced space requirement of only app. 13.5 in.x 15 in. Total height with foam cup app. 25 in. (footprint app. 12 in. x 15.7in.)
    MSRP $649.00
  8. KhensuRa

    KhensuRa Marlin M.A.S.C Club Member

    Is there any local LFS that carry these products?

    What skimmer do you sell(recommend) that would work on a 58 gallon with a 30 gallon sump/fug?
  9. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod

    Depending on your bioload I can recommend three options. I would recommend theTurboflotor Blue 1000 skimmer, the Turboflotor 1000 Multi SL skimmer or theTurboflotor Blue 500. The Turboflotor Blue 500 would be fine if you have an extremely low bioload.
    I am personally running the Turboflotor Blue 1000 on the sump of my 46 bow and I love the skimmer and it’s easy to tune in. There are many people out there who have used both and believe the Turboflotor Multi SL is the best skimmer they have ever owned, although it takes a little more fine tuning but when it’stuned just right, yields amazing results. I don’t normally recommend theTurboflotor 1000 Multi SL to a beginner as it takes a little bit of experience from the operator as it can be a bit touchy.
    If you are one of those people that love the idea of overkill or know you are going to upgrade, the Turboflotor 5000 Shorty Compact is going to be the next step up and will completely change your concept of skimmers.

    Local LFS that carry our skimmers are D&G, Alpine Koi, and Great White Aquatics. I'm sure there are others too.

    Turboflotor Blue 500
    MSRP $124

    Turboflotor Blue 1000
    MSRP $199

    Turboflotor 1000 Multi SL
    MSRP $299
    MSRP $299
  10. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod



    aqualineT5 Reef Blue 24 W,length 24 in.
    aqualineT5 Reef Blue 39 W,length 26 in.
    aqualineT5 Reef Blue 54 W,length 48 in.
    aqualine T5 Reef Blue 80W, length 60 in.

    aqualineT5 Reef White 15K 24 W, length 24 in.
    aqualineT5 Reef White 15K 39 W, length 26 in.
    aqualineT5 Reef White 15K 54 W, length 48 in.
    aqualine T5 Reef White 15K 80 W,length 60 in.

    aqualineT5 Reef White 10K 24 W, length 24 in.
    aqualineT5 Reef White 10K 39 W, length 26 in.
    aqualineT5 Reef White 10K 54 W, length 48 in.
    aqualine T5 Reef White 10K 80 W,length 60 in.

    aqualineT5 Plant Grow 24 W,length 24 in.
    aqualineT5 Plant Grow 39 W,length 26 in.
    aqualineT5 Plant Grow 54 W,length 48 in.
    aqualine T5 Plant Grow80 W, length 60 in.

  11. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod


    Our scraper is a multiple use blade cleaner. The 6 in. wide razor blade makes it easy to remove even the most resistant calcareous algae from the aquarium glass. The removable blade protector also acts as a squeegee for cleaning the outside of the aquarium glass. A unique feature of the scraper is the hinge which allows the blade head to be turned through 180°. This facility allows the user to clean theaquarium even when the tank decoration, such as rocks or roots, are very closeto the glass.

    The 6” razor blade is just that, not long piece of dull metal like most other brands.

    Scraper MSRP $24.99

    Scraper blades 5 pcs MSRP $13.99
  12. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod


    TheSulphurNitratereductor SN 400 is used for saltwater aquaria up to100 gal., and is very similar to the design of the Nitratereductor NR 400. An internal pump circulates the water through chambers containing sulphur beads and hydrocarbonate. As a by-product, sulfuric acid is produced which is neutralized by the hydrocarbonate in the filter. Recommended accessories: Dosing pump SP 1500

    Dimensions: (l x w x h) app. 5.7 x4 x 14.5 in.

    MSRP $199.00

  13. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod


    Phytoplankton (Micro-algae)cultivation unit.The plankton light reactor is a simple system for producing plankton in a natural food chain. Within the plankton light reactor, micro-algae are produced with light, fertilizer and CO2. The micro-algae can be fed directly to many filter-feeding invertebrates, and especially to zooplankton. The growth rate of the micro-algae in the plankton light reactor is enormous. If the supply of light, CO2 and nutrients is continuous, the biomass of the algae may increase four-fold within 24 hours. Both fresh- and saltwater species of phytoplankton can becultivated. Contents: plankton light reactor approx. volume 0.65 gal) wall bracket, connections for air pump, lighting unit with fluorescent lamp (18 W), special reflector and fixing clamps. Ø app. 3.2 in., length: app. 32 in. Hoseconnection: 1/4 in.
    MSRP $299
  14. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod


    Eliminates red slime algae in saltwater aquaria. Antired will successfully eliminate red slime algae in salt water aquaria andis safe with invertebrates. Antired is not harmful to nitrifying bacteria, and promotes the growth of higher algae.
    antired 100 ml MSRP $19.99
    antired 500 ml MSRP $67.99
    antired 5000 ml MSRP $399.00

  15. Dumnorix

    Dumnorix Copepod

    no more website?
  16. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod

    The website is actually being updated. You will love the new one. It should be up anytime now with a completely different look.
  17. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod


    Activated carbon pellets for fresh and saltwater aquaria. carbolit comprises of highly efficient activated carbon pellets. carbolit quickly clears aquarium water and removes coloring substances, turbidity and medication residues. Yellowing substances such as phenols and tannins that can accumulate in the water are also removed. carbolit may also be used as a long-term filter material. Carbolit is pH neutral.
  18. Boogie

    Boogie Tuna M.A.S.C Club Member

    BUT, what is cool is that you can go check out their products right at the warehouse up in Loveland. You might have to bribe them with doughnuts but still..
  19. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod

    Yes, doughnuts will get you a full tour, otherwise admission fees apply.
  20. Aqua-Medic

    Aqua-Medic Copepod

    Move your water in near silence!!!


    The Ocean Runner pumps are powerful universal pumps to be used as circulation or current pumps in both salt and freshwater aquaria. They are supplied with a rugged pump housing, an energy efficient motor, a polished ceramic shaft, washers, and ceramic bearings,which ensure a quiet and maintenance free performance for many years.

    OR 1200: max. capacity 300 gph, max. head5.2’, 25W

    Dimensions without plate: app. 5.1 x 3.1 x 3.1 in. (l x w x h)


    OR 2500: max. capacity 630 gph, max. head7.8‘, 38W

    Dimensions without plate: app. 6.3 x 3.7 x 4 in. (l x w x h)


    OR 3500: max. capacity 900 gph, max. head10.7‘, 65W

    Dimensions without plate: app. 7.3 x 4.5 x 4.3 in. (l x w x h)


    OR 6500: max. capacity 1,700 gph, max. head12.6‘, 95W

    Dimensions without plate: app. 8 x 4.9 x 5.3 in. (l x w x h)

    MSRP $229

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