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  1. flagg37

    Kessil AP700

    When you say fairly new, what does that mean? Do you know how long they were run and their maximum intensity?
  2. flagg37

    WaterBox 220.6 The 2023 Rebuild

    So just out of curiosity, where are you getting your fish?
  3. flagg37

    WaterBox 220.6 The 2023 Rebuild

    Another fish death?
  4. flagg37

    WaterBox 220.6 The 2023 Rebuild

    It comes full circle. Time to fire up the excavator.
  5. flagg37

    WaterBox 220.6 The 2023 Rebuild

    That 120 looks so small on that stand. So why not just set up the 560 there in the garage? If it leaks a little who cares; it’s in the garage.
  6. flagg37

    What are these?

    Yep, they look like spaghetti worms. They’re good.
  7. flagg37

    Any BRS codes?

    I've got some stuff in my cart and looking for any codes again.
  8. flagg37

    10 Foot Freebie!

    Is it acrylic or glass? What are the dimensions?
  9. flagg37

    Free coral

    I’m not far away in Thornton. I may be able to help move/house too. If there’s a good sized colony, I’ve been thinking the club may need to do a grow out contest.
  10. flagg37

    Look for a laser to kill Aiptasia

    If they aren’t plague populations and they are accessible I’ve had good results with kalk paste.
  11. flagg37

    Adventures in Japan, Kyoto Aquarium

    The salamanders are that big? What do they eat?
  12. flagg37

    WaterBox 220.6 The 2023 Rebuild

    My white tail bristle tooth was (in my opinion) one of my dummer fish. We named her Jolie (as in Angela) because of her big lips.
  13. flagg37

    250g acrylic tank 700obo

    Do you have any pictures?
  14. flagg37

    Absolutely Free!! Read full post!!

    If it’s just the tank and lights, I’m assuming it will be empty and just need to be loaded up and taken away?
  15. flagg37

    Shout out

    I headed up to Biggs Lagoon for the first time. I’ve seen them a number of times at reefstock but just never made it up there. I went up there to get some frozen fish food and ended up getting a starry blenny and a couple corals too. They had a 25% off all livestock sale for Father’s Day that...
  16. flagg37

    Any interest in a CADE 1500 S2 with a chip in the front?

    That’s tiny but it’s quite odd that it is in the middle of the glass. Glass is weakest at its edges and corners so that’s where you typically see chips.
  17. flagg37

    LF 75 gallon tank

    Sounds good to me. I’ll pm you about it. Thanks.
  18. flagg37

    LF 75 gallon tank

    Hi guys, does anyone have a standard sized 75 gallon tank they would like to donate? I’ll be using it for a sump so it doesn’t have to be in great condition. It basically just needs to hold water.
  19. flagg37

    BRS Chili Bucks $10 code

    I have two worth $10 and forgot to use them with my last order. Too bad you can’t combine them.
  20. flagg37


    PAR is fairly easy to test for with the club’s meter, but is there a meter that measures for spectrum?