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  1. Craigar

    Small Chicago sunburst and large Colorado sunburst

    I have a couple sunburst that need new homes I have a small Chicago and a large Colorado. Pm me if your interested may be interested in high end coral trades or I need some mp40 wet sides and could be in the market for a larger frag tank than I currently have. Pics are just iPhone sorry
  2. Craigar

    Craigars 975 gallon system

    A few cell pics needless to say I’m packed lol
  3. Craigar

    Acros and such for sale…!!

    Thanks for everything you tank looks amazing can’t wait to see the new rendition
  4. Craigar

    Dec. 2023 to Jan. 2024 Winner TOTM

    @Dr.DiSilicate awesome tank man you have always done a great job for as long as I have known ya.
  5. Craigar

    WTB: Zoas

    Awesome meeting you after so many years in passing.
  6. Craigar


    I’ll play with the frag tank
  7. Craigar


    So if our tank doesn’t have a side view so we get to do a top down from the side lol
  8. Craigar

    WTB: Zoas

    I need to clean up my sandbed I have a ton of gorilla nipples and eagle eyes I’ll let go cheep
  9. Craigar

    More Euphyllia for sale

    You still in northglen or somewhere aren’t you?
  10. Craigar

    Craigars 975 gallon system

    It’s aval make me an offer here’s the mother
  11. Craigar

    Craigars 975 gallon system

    Most of this is extra out of my tank
  12. Craigar

    Craigars 975 gallon system

    Did a deep clean on the frag tank tonight wish I could post a video
  13. Craigar

    Corals for sale

    Any pics of the crazy clown and mini colony
  14. Craigar

    Radion/mp40 rf module needed

    I need a black rf module from a mp40 or mp10 or radion anyone have one they will get rid of
  15. Craigar

    Fish finder

    I just lost mine :-(
  16. Craigar

    Mystery Wrasse & Scooter Blenny FS

    I would be interested if you want to trade for corals or equipment
  17. Craigar


    Let’s get this going! Thanks for putting the effort in getting it all going. Only a cell phone to take the pic no editing other than cropping
  18. Craigar

    Pee cups

    That comes out to $.18 each I ordered 200 on Amazon at $.22 each I may be interested. If we end up doing a group buy somewhere and save more
  19. Craigar

    Pee cups

    Last time I bought pee cups we did a group buy I think I bought 1000 5-8 years ago I finally am almost out what’s the best place to buy them now I see on Amazon but is there a better place