Keeping an Aquarium Could Mean Life or Death

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If you or anyone you know is on the edge about keeping an aquarium take a look at this! It gives us aquarium people a whole new perspective on the benefits of aquarium keeping. Here are a couple quotes from legitimate research projects to give an idea of the numerous health benefits of having aquariums in our lives. Now I know what some of you will say: "Aquarium keeping is also the most stressful thing in my life" don't worry, Reef Renew is here to help by making aquariums more of a pleasure and less of a hassle!
Without further ado:

  • At Purdue University, researchers have found that displaying tanks of brightly colored fish may curtail disruptive behaviors and improve eating habits of people with Alzheimer's disease. Purdue News 1999 states that, "Nursing Professor Nancy Edwards" tracked 60 individuals who resided in specialized units in three Indiana nursing homes. She found that patients who were exposed to the fish tanks appeared to be more relaxed and alert, and they ate up to 21 percent more food than they had before the introduction of the fish tanks. The average increase in food consumption was 17.2 percent."
  • Researchers have compared the effects of hypnosis vs. an aquarium, fishless vs. fish filled aquariums, and no aquarium vs. having an aquarium. In all cases, having some sort of aquarium reduced blood pressure. Interestingly enough, greater reduction in blood pressure occurred when there were fish in the tank, vs pleasingly decorated, but fishless, tanks. Even watching a video tape of fish has been proven to have therapeutic effects. (This one is for all us Reef Keepers out there!)



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+1 To tanks being good for the health :) I know for me just doing anything with he tank, whether just watching it or doing maintenance/work on the tank is very much a stress reliever for me. Forget about everything and just focus on the care and beauty of the tank.