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  • Marine Aquarium Society Of Colorado

    When: Saturday April 12th
    Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood- 7390 W Hampden Ave, Lakewood, CO 80227CLICK HERE FOR MAP
    Open To Public Time: 1pm-5pm

    Schedule of Events
    1:00pm - Doors open to Public
    1:30pm - Educational Demo #1
    2:00pm - Raffle #1

    2:30pm -
    Educational Demo #2
    3:15pm -
    Educational Demo #3
    4:00pm - Raffle #2
    4:30pm -
    Educational Demo #4
    5:00pm - Doors Close to Public

    Educational Demos:

    - Glass Drilling Demo - We'll be drilling a glass tank and installing a overflow kit
    - Coral Fragging Demo - Gonzo will be doing another fragging demo to show us how he frags corals
    - Rock-scaping with mortar - BajaMike will be showing us how to use the Marco Rock mortar kit to piece together and bind your rock structure together
    - more to be added soon...... so stay tuned

    Educational Demos and Raffle times subject to change

    Coral Sales:

    - You know we cant have an event without corals sales!!!!!! We have over 11 coral vendors coming to the event who will all have their frags tanks packed!!!!!

    Entrance Fees:
    - $5 per head for badged MASC member, spouse, child or significant other
    - $10 per head for registered MASC member and general public
    - Free - children under 14 years
    * Badged MASC member means you have either paid your annual $24 in annual membership dues or attended two MASC meetings in prior 12 months. Also must present MASC membership card

    Vendors In Attendance:

    - Gonzo Corals
    - Mind Blowing Corals
    - Ambrosio Aquatics
    - Aquatic Arts
    - Coral Junkie
    - Seachem
    - Algae Barn
    - Coral Xpressions
    - The Fish Crew
    - PS Aquatics
    - Fluid Designers
    - TheCoralShop.com
    - Keys Island
    - Reef Koi
    - MACNA 2014
    - SCMAS

    Drawing Prizes:
    1. Vertex OMEGA 130 Skimmer (Vertex)
    2. Marco Rock - E-Marco-400 Kit (MASC)
    3. ZooMed Power Sweep 270 (ZooMed)
    4. WP10 x2 (MASC)
    5. Marineland 24" LED (United Pet Group)
    6. Rapid Led DIY kit - Aurora Puck Kit (Rapid Led)
    7. Ultra Snowflake & Platinum Clown pair (Keys Island)
    8. Microbe Lift Salt (Great White)
    9. Kent Salt (Aquatic Art)
    10. 10oz Chemi Pure Elite and 10oz Chemi Pure x3 drawings (Boyd Enterprises)

    11. ZooMed Flake Food - Spirulina 20, Plankton, Brine Shrimp & EarthWorm
    12. Tropic Marin - Reef Actif x2 drawings
    13. Danner Supreme - Skilter 400 Hang On Back Power Filter
    14. Tunze 6015 (Tunze)
    15. Instant Ocean - Reef Master Test Kit x3 drawings (United Pet Group)
    16. Seaclone 100 Protein Skimmer (United Pet Group)
    17. Microbe Lift pack - Special Blend, herbtana, nite out II, gravel and substrate cleaner x2 (Microbe Lift)
    18. Tropic Marin - Elmi Control Phosphate x2 drawings (Tropic Marin)
    19. Rods Reef Food - Multi Pack x3 drawings (Rod's Reef)
    20. Roggers Reef Food $100 GC x1 drawings (Roggers Reef Food)

    21. Brightwell Aquatics Pack - Magnesion-P, Calcion-P, Potassion-P and Koral Color
    22. Algae Barn - $30 Gift Card x5 drawings
    23. Skintastic Tattoo - $75 Gift Card x2 drawings
    24. Air,Water & Ice GCs - $25 Gift Card x2 drawings
    25. Mind Blowing Corals - $60 Gift Card and $40 GC
    26. Gonzo Corals - Test Kits
    27. TheCoralShop.com - $50 Gift Card x4 drawings
    28. Coral Xpressions - $50 Gift card and RO/DI Filter Set
    29. Reef Nutrition Pack x2 (Reef Nutrition) -
    30. 2x MACNA Full Conference Pass -
    includes 3 days of exhibit floor access, speakers, workshops and prize drawings as well as the Friday Reception and Saturday Banquet (MASC)

    31. 5 Stage RO/DI - (BRS)
    32. Photon clown pair - (Ambrosia Aquatics
    33. Da Vinci clown pair - (Ambrosia Aquatics)
    34. Dr Tim's Aquatics - Multi Item Pack - (Dr Tim's Aquatics)
    GRAND PRIZE - Custom
    Acrylic Tank with Cabinet Grade Birch Stand and Canopy - Donated by Elite Reef See picture by clicking HERE

    * Exact Items and Amounts subject to change pending final list

    * Be sure and check back here for updates to Raffle Items, Vendors in Attendance and Educational Demo information.