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    The Marine Aquarium Society of Colorado is dedicated to the endorsement, education, and fellowship of marine aquarium hobbyists.

    We will increase awareness among members and the public of the importance and value of marine ecosystems and their preservation through captive propagation and responsible collection of organisms.

    We will deepen hobbyists’ knowledge about the husbandry and study of marine plants and animals, increasing the longevity and well being of the creatures in our care.
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    Thread Starter: AllysonP

    August 15th I will be at liquid kingdom slanging them corals. Hope to see you all there.

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  • Marine Aquarium Society Of Colorado

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    Ok everyone we are excited to announce that our next meeting will be Sunday August 9th and it will be @ AQUATIC ART!

    When: Sunday August 9th
    Where: Aquatic Arts -
    9337 Commerce Center Cir #3, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129CLICK HERE FOR MAP
    Time: 1pm-4pm


    • Coral and fish sales
    • Raffle
    • Reef Talk
    • Fellowship and Fun!!!

    Who should attend: simple, ANYONE AND EVERYONE!!!! So what this means is bring the
    kids, grandparents, significant others , aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, cousins, and whom ever
    else would like to join is welcome!!!

    Other Info:
    This will count as 1 of 2 meetings required to get your membership badge and membership
    card for LFS discounts, so make sure you don't miss out!!!

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    135 gallon stand

    Thread Starter: SilverSurfer

    So I have a 135 gallon collapsable stand for sale 75 bucks its in good condition kind of a light oak color with 3 doors on the front. I would post pics

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    Hunting Season

    Thread Starter: scchase

    Anyone want to go? I already have my licesnses for 10/31/15 area 27 they still have some left over the counter if anyone wants to join me. Hunt codes

    Last Post By: Haddonisreef 6 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Cleaning out the garage!!

    Thread Starter: Donmike08

    -Biocube 29 - cleaned, empty and ready to go. No leaks. Comes with heater and extra power head.
    black live sand for free if you wan it. - $100.00

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    Stone Aquatics AAAAA +

    Thread Starter: damontoy

    I just want to give a positive shout out to Steve, Ron and Suzanne. This is by far the best lfs in the area. Not only do they make you feel at home but

    Last Post By: damontoy 10 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Suggestions high light high flow

    Thread Starter: TheRealChrisBrown

    I have a high spot in my rock work that has been difficult to place corals on. I tried a chalice and it seemed good for a couple of weeks then bleached

    Last Post By: TheRealChrisBrown 1 Hour Ago Go to last post

    Cross-brace on tank

    Thread Starter: mbjnt

    So, my salt water tank technically was a thick glass vivarium tank. So it does not have a cross brace on it. The only complication I ran into is tank

    Last Post By: SynDen 5 Hours Ago Go to last post
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    The Dr. Has gone insane Re-build

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    So, after the crash I did some serious thinking about what I want in my home. My wife encouraged me to get my dream tank that'll fit into our home...

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    Multi Tank Syndrome: 60F, 3x20L, 30L, 20H, 40B, 10

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    I had a few build threads I was working on and realized it was going to be difficult to keep all of them straight so I'm condensing everything to...

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    Seth's 150g DD SPS dominant reef

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    Mermaid Gardens


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    Starfish are such funny creatures. Mine decided to take a jaunt accross the glass today. He's just a normal sandsifter, but he's still pretty...

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    55 gallon, Starting back up after 5 years

    Thread Starter: Sctip

    Before I retired from the Navy I gave away or otherwise disposed of all of my equipment. My lovely wife which is also a lover of saltwater tanks...

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    Thinking of buying a dosing pump.

    Thread Starter: mbaeza64

    I have a 150 gallon tank with a bunch of LPS corals and some SPS corals so I never had one before so what do you guys recommend? What should I dose?...

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    About to buy 165W chinese led lights

    Thread Starter: Sctip

    I just want your thoughts on the 165W Chinese LED lights, it will be going over my 55G tank 30"W X 24"T X 18"D. I do have some SPS and from what I...

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    Zoa spots?

    Thread Starter: Miah2bzy

    Wasn't sure if this was a pest or what was going on. One of my Zoas has remained closed now for a few days and there are white spots all over the...

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    Zombies getting out thread

    Thread Starter: zombie

    So I decided to get rid of all my equipment for the time being so I can focus on looking for a house and taking care of it for a while. Below is all...

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    Neptune DOS Recall!!

    Thread Starter: Munch

    Check your units: https://www.neptunesystems.com/dos-roller-assembly-replacement-program/ Mine are getting replaced...

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