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    Time to stock up on frag plugs! The May meeting will be our next DBTC SWAP and will be hosted by our Platinum Sponsors Fluid Designers!!!!


    Date: May 10th, 2014
    Time: TBD
    Place: Fluid Designers @ 2721 W. Oxford Avenue Unit 4, Sheridan, CO 80110 - click HERE for a map and address

    This meeting will count towards membership for those looking to become a badge member, just make sure you sign the sign in sheet or we wont acknowledge you were there :P Again this will be a
    DBTC Swap; meaning bring a coral to swap/trade, leave with a different one. For those that don't have any corals to trade at the moment, please still plan to attend as the past few times we have had dozens and dozens of coral left over that went up for grabs in the normal DBTC style.

    Stay tuned for more details...we may do some pre-registering to help it flow a little better and save some time and we will also list a time as it gets closer ...and we hope to see you all there and make this another epic event!!!!!! For those that missed it last time, we had so much coral to give away that we ran out of time and everyone just formed a line and picked through a table full of frags!!!

    HERE is the link for the Rules and Regulations on the DBTC program http://www.marinecolorado.org/forums...n-Introduction for those that are new to the community or new to the DBTC Frag Swap.

    There will be the same 3 SECTIONS as our normal DBTC program and we will have an elected decision maker on what corals fall where. The three levels we will have are as follows and I have included a brief description of each type so you can get a better idea of where your corals will fall.

    Beginner:This category contains fairly common corals (non rare zoas, xenia, Kenya trees, etc.) These corals are ideal for members new to the hobby, as they grow well in newer systems or low light systems.

    This category contains the majority of corals in the program, including SPS, LPS, etc. Members propagating this category of coral have a system capable of handling the coral they are asking for (i.e. established system of 4 months +, and satisfying lighting/water requirements for these corals).

    This category contains rare or normally very expensive corals (for example, bubblegum watermelon chalice). Members propagating this level of DBTC coral have a system capable of handling any coral they are asking for (i.e. established aquarium with lighting/water parameters suitable for these challenging specimens).

    THERE SHOULD BE ENOUGH CORALS FOR ALL ....so even if you don't have anything to bring chances are that you will still go home with at least one!