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350 gallon triangle corner tank and equipment feeler

Discussion in 'Ambrosio Aquatics' started by Ambrosio Aquatics, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. Ambrosio Aquatics

    Ambrosio Aquatics Tuna Platinum Sponsor M.A.S.C Club Member

    i have a client looking to get a new setup and they are testing the water on their current setup. its a 350-360 gal reef ready corner/triangle tank with steel stand dual chamber 50 gal sump with return pump, mp40 and 3 kessil 160 with controller. tank was a predator tank has about 150 lb of rock and sand and 100gal per day r\o system asking $1800 for everything delivery is available for additional cost. tank has some scratches on the"back" or shorter panel and a few on the "front" long panel. tank is a partial in wall build so the facade is probably not reusable but does have black acrylic panel for front and back access under the tank 20150830_110522.jpg 20150830_110543.jpg 20160131_162933.jpg 20150830_110543.jpg 20160131_162933.jpg

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