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Fish, Coral and CUC - Moving Sale

Discussion in 'Frags and Livestock for Sale, Trade or Want to Buy' started by Tmwilson9, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. Tmwilson9

    Tmwilson9 Registered Users

    I have a 110 gallon tank that I will be moving across country and won't be able to take my livestock. The below items are up for sale and any offers will be considered. The more you buy, the lower I'll go in price. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking! The prices you see are what I'm asking.

    • Blue Hippo Tang ~3" ($65)
    • Yellow Tang ~3" ($45)
    • Kole Eye Tang ~3" ($40)
    • One Spot Fox Face ~4" ($45)
    • Black Clown ~2.5" ($25)
    • Orange Clown ~2" ($20)
    • Blue Springeri Damsel ~2" ($15)
    • Purple Colt Coral XXL ($65)
    • Fiji Pom Pom Pulsing Xenia ($65)
    • Electric Yellow Candy Cane ($60)
    • Green Nethea ($55)
    • Common Pulsing Xenia ($40)
    • Hammer Colony Medium ($35)
    • Hammer Colony Large ($55)
    • Blasto Colony Small ($25)
    • Purple Gorgonia ($20)
    • Clove Polyp Large ($60)
    • Duncan Colony Large ($60)
    • Pipe Organ Med ($40)
    • Pipe Organ Colony XL ($70)
    • Lobo Coral Medium ($55)
    • Mushroom Colony Large ($50)
    • Acan Colony Medium ($30)
    • Paly Colony Small ($20)
    • Paly Colony Medium ($25)
    • Hairy Green Mushroom ($30)
    • Feather Duster ($20)
    • Misc Snail (Cerith, Trochus, Nessarius)
    • (2) Fighting Conchs
    • (2) Emerald Crabs

    I have about $1,700 worth of livestock in this tank, but the prices above are what I'm starting at.

    This is about $1,200 priced individually.

    I would be willing to part from everything for $800.

    Please text or message me if you have any questions


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  2. Kayvon

    Kayvon Copepod

    Where you at?
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  3. Tmwilson9

    Tmwilson9 Registered Users

    I live in northeast Denver, Green Valley Ranch area (80249 zip). Feel free to text me if you want more pictures or would like to meet. 303-870-7711. I’m starting to pull all of my frags off of my live rock, everything will just be in my substrate.

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  4. Tmwilson9

    Tmwilson9 Registered Users

    Also, an edit...the “clove polyp” is not a clove polyp but a flower pot or goniopora coral. Not sure why I put it down as that

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  5. Tmwilson9

    Tmwilson9 Registered Users

    Currently I’m trying to sell the coral first. Having a really tough time getting the fish out of the tank. Once the coral is gone I’ll pull the rock and have a clear shot at the fish.

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  6. Tmwilson9

    Tmwilson9 Registered Users

    Black Clown (Sold)
    Orange Clown (Sold)
    Purple Gorgonia (Sold)
    Pom Pom Pulsing Xenia (Sold)
    Acan (Sold)
    Paly Colony Small (Sold)
  7. szavoda

    szavoda Prawn M.A.S.C Club Member

    I would be happy to take any rock off of your hands - large pieces preferably. Perhaps the blue hippo as well.
  8. Tmwilson9

    Tmwilson9 Registered Users

    Sorry, oddly enough I'll be keeping the rock as I'll be setting the tank up after I move. But I will keep you posted about the hippo tang. I'd like to get id of the coral and pull the rock as it will be nearly impossible to catch without a trap. Do you mind texting me so I can keep you in the loop? 303-870-7711
  9. Tmwilson9

    Tmwilson9 Registered Users

    • Misc Snail (Cerith, Trochus, Nessarius) - SOLD
    • (2) Fighting Conchs - SOLD
    • (2) Emerald Crabs - SOLD
    I'm doing a bunch of package deals, so if you are interested in multiple pieces, let me know and we can work out a deal. Livestock is moving fast, so don't wait!
  10. Tmwilson9

    Tmwilson9 Registered Users

    Candy Cane - SOLD
    Pipe Organ (Med.) - SOLD

    Ask me for close up pictures on any remaining corals.
  11. Tmwilson9

    Tmwilson9 Registered Users

    Hammer Med. - SOLD
    Hammer Lrg - SOLD
  12. Tmwilson9

    Tmwilson9 Registered Users

    Large Mushroom Colony - SOLD
    XXL Colt Coral - SOLD

    Starting to take offers for the fish. I have a few pieces of coral left, so let me know what you are interested in.

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  13. Tmwilson9

    Tmwilson9 Registered Users

    Duncan Colony - SOLD
    Hairy Mushroom Colony - SOLD

    Hippo Tang - Pending Sale (Today)
    Kole Tang & Damsel - Pending Sale (Tuesday)

    I'm willing to work on prices for the remaining pieces, please let me know what you are interested in and we can package something up.
  14. Tmwilson9

    Tmwilson9 Registered Users

    Here's a list of what's remaining, willing to work out prices on all pieces:
    • Yellow Tang ($45)
    • Fox Face ($45)
    • Green Nethea ($55)
    • Blasto ($25)
    • Goniopora (Flower Pot) ($60)
    • Lobo ($55)
    • Paly Med ($25)
    • Pulsing Xenia ($40)
    • Feather Duster ($20)
    I can send detailed pictures of these pieces if anyone is interested. Please text me for more details and pricing revisions. 303-870-7711
  15. Tmwilson9

    Tmwilson9 Registered Users

    Yellow Tang (SOLD)

    **PRICE DROP**
    • Fox Face ($40)
    • Green Nethea ($45)
    • Blasto ($20)
    • Goniopora (Flower Pot) ($50)
    • Lobo ($45)
    • Pipe Organ Colony XL ($55)
    • Paly Med ($20)
    • Pulsing Xenia (Free, with purchase)
    • Feather Duster ($15)
  16. Tmwilson9

    Tmwilson9 Registered Users

    Bump, everything listed above still available.

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  17. Tmwilson9

    Tmwilson9 Registered Users

    Fox Face- SOLD

    Only coral left and just a few pieces remain. Get them before they’re gone. Make me an offer I can’t refuse, need this stuff gone. IMG_5059.JPG IMG_5061.JPG IMG_5062.JPG IMG_5006.JPG IMG_5011.JPG IMG_5003.JPG

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