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Frags and small colonies for sale

Discussion in 'Frags and Livestock for Sale, Trade or Want to Buy' started by ryewalk84, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. ryewalk84

    ryewalk84 Copepod

    Looking to get rid of some things in my tank. Here is what I have-

    Grande palythoa green- $30
    Grande palythoa Cinnamon- $30
    Grande palythoa frag- $10
    5-6" rock with green poci and pavona- $40
    Green Hairy mushroom 5-6" when open- $20
    7-8" rock with green star polyps and 5-6 green/red mushrooms-$30
    Purple monti cap- $10
    2.5-3" toadstool- $20
    Long tentacle toadstool 1.5-2"- $15
    Green poci frag- $10
    Hydnophora(maybe?) coral 5 frags - $5-20
    acro with blue/purple tips-$15
  2. ryewalk84

    ryewalk84 Copepod

  3. jkhogan

    jkhogan Copepod

    I would be interested in the hairy mushroom.
  4. ryewalk84

    ryewalk84 Copepod

    I’m located near Cheesman Park. Available most weekdays after 515 and weekends.

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  5. andre

    andre Copepod M.A.S.C Club Member

    Might be interested in the long tentacle toadstool. Which pic is that?
  6. ryewalk84

    ryewalk84 Copepod

    4th picture.
  7. conanoreef

    conanoreef Copepod

    I’ll take the purple monti cap!

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  8. Maddlesrain

    Maddlesrain Registered Users

    If not already claimed, I’ll take the toadstool.

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  9. ryewalk84

    ryewalk84 Copepod

    I have both still. When would you like to pick up?

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