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Getting out of the hobby Red Sea Max 130 system with Apex

Discussion in 'Equipment For Sale, Trade or Want to Buy' started by Phillip Wingfield, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. We are getting out of the hobby so we can travel and do other things. Everything must go!

    Red Sea max 130 canopy top

    Eshopps Nano skimmer

    Apex pro controller

    VorTech Mp 10 Powerhead

    Upgraded filter caddy

    100gpd RO/DI filter

    Upgraded custom MyLED Daylight and Actnic

    2 clown fish

    1 cardinal

    Toad stools



    AuquaEuro Chiller Chill 1/13 Hp

    UV Hang-on sterilizer

    Various tools, grabbers, tweezers, micro feeders, hoses, water cans, etc.
    Asking $1200 for everything.
  2. zombie

    zombie Tuna M.A.S.C Club Member

    There is no such thing as an apex pro controller. There are apex classic, apex gold, apex lite, apex jr, apex EL, and apex 2016 models. The only thing with pro in the name was the old aquacontroller 3, which predates apex.

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  3. Sorry my mistake. Apex Classic is correct.
  4. It is the Apex Classic Gold with salinity, pH, temperature, and ORP probes. I also have the leak detector probe and expansion module to connect it to the Apex.
  5. WetDreamzCoral

    WetDreamzCoral Copepod

  7. I will post pics when I get back from my business trip this weekend.
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  8. Just posted pics Sunday night. Is there anything else you would like to see?
  9. Legonch

    Legonch Emerald Reef Supply M.A.S.C Club Member

    How much for the apex system??

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  10. Price changed for whole bundle to $800. Looking to sell whole bundle.
  11. WetDreamzCoral

    WetDreamzCoral Copepod

    How big is the top unit? Looks smaller in pics for some reason

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  12. SWQuest

    SWQuest Amphipod

  13. The display tank is 34.4 gal which is 130 liters. That 34 gals includes the display tank and the rear sump. The display tank alone is 27gal.

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