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new fish inverts and more are on the way reef safe heavy

Discussion in 'Ambrosio Aquatics' started by Ambrosio Aquatics, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. Ambrosio Aquatics

    Ambrosio Aquatics Tuna Platinum Sponsor M.A.S.C Club Member

    5 Chaetodon xanthocephalus<MD> Goldheaded Butterfly
    4 Cinhilahiris rubriventralis [S/M/L) Long Fin Fairy Wrasse
    2 Halichoeres marginatus Splendid Rainbow Wrasse
    3 Macrophyngodon Ornatus (MD/LG) Matara Wrasse
    4 Cirilabrus exquistus (SM/MD) Exquisite Wrasse
    1 Sideria Sp.(New Species) Elephant Sea Eel (12-18")
    2 Centropyge flavipectoralis ( MD ) Yellow Finned Angelfish
    2 Centropyge multispinnis(ML) Blue Finned Angelfish
    2 Holocanthus xanthurus SM/MD Goldenscaled Angelfish
    1 Cheatodonotoplus mesoleuscus [SM/MD] Black Scribbled Angel
    25 Amphiprion clarki(SM) Yellowtail Anemone Fish
    25 Neopomancentrus bankieri Scissortail Damsel
    25 Pomacentrus melanochir Yellowtail Electric Blue Damsel
    3 Pterois zebra (SM) Devil Lionfish
    25 Anthias squamipinnis FEMALE Red Coral Perch [S/M/L]
    4 Zanclus cornutus(LG) Moorish Idol
    10 Meiacanthus smithii [MD/LG] Smithi`s Blenny
    1 Zoanthus sp Super Mario Zoa 2" Mount 20-25 polyps
    5 Actinia eyuina Sand Anemone Orange
    2 Actinia eyuina Yellow Sand Anemone Orange Base
    1 Stichodactyla haddoni Ultra Green Carpet Anemone
    2 Stichodactyla haddoni White Sheep Tiger Carpet Anemone
    1 Radianthus koseirensis Long Tentacled Yellow - Purple Base Anemone
    4 Centrstephanus Sea Urchin - Purple Black
    2 Cucumaria miniata Sea Cucumber Red - Brown
    10 Entacmaea Quadricolor [SM/MD] Corn Rose Bulbble Anemone
    5 Zebrasoma xanthurus (2-3") Purple Tang
    3 Chaetodon larvatus [2"-3"] Finger Print Butterfly
    3 Chaetodon mesoleucos <3-4"> White Face Accordion Butterfly
    3 Chaetodon semilarvatus [2-3"] Red Lined Butterfly Fish
    1 Pomocanthus maculosus [JUV] Half Moon Angel
    1 Parupeneus Indicus (MD) Yellow Spot Goat Fish
    1 Cirihilabrus rubrisquamis [MD] Rosy Scale Fairy Wrasse
    2 Larabicus quadrilineatus Red Sea Four Line Wrasse [SM]
    5 Paracheilinus Octotataenia Eightline Wrasse [SM]
    2 Pseudochromis Flavivertex [3-4 CM] Sunrise Dotty Back
  2. zombie

    zombie Tuna M.A.S.C Club Member

    What region are the exquisites from?

    Sent from my SM-G965U using MASC mobile app
  3. Bdk1786

    Bdk1786 Amphipod

    Price on MD Matara Wrasse?
  4. Ambrosio Aquatics

    Ambrosio Aquatics Tuna Platinum Sponsor M.A.S.C Club Member

    sri lanka
  5. Ambrosio Aquatics

    Ambrosio Aquatics Tuna Platinum Sponsor M.A.S.C Club Member

    they will be $49

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