4th Demo........Bayer Coral Dip

CRW Reef

Blue Whale
M.A.S.C Club Member
Ok folks so we need a 4th Demo since we have been advertising 4 demos in our schedule. I can really think of an easy, late in the game demo to do other than a Bayer Coral Dip Demo. I am proposing we buy 2 - 40 bottles of Bayer so that we can do the demo at Reef Ed and the same Demo at the MAY DBTC Swap, along with the small portions we are passing out the DBTC swap so no one has excuses for not dipping.

So Yes or No on the two bottles = approx $25+/- total http://www.lowes.com/pd_46147-24182-700270_0__?productId=3033912&Ntt=bayer&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNtt%3Dbayer&facetInfo=