Corals for sale

Mushroom $5 each
Sunkist bounce $50
Sps $20 except the two mini colonies those are $30
Plate corals $15
Chalice $20 the two crazy clown chalice $80

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M.A.S.C Club Member
At the risk of being snarky, for sale threads are worthless without prices and location. I see some prices above, but it’s a little unclear to me which coral is which.
Idk its pretty clear all sps are 20 except the colonies mushrooms 5 except for the bounce thats 50 all chalice are priced except the 2 crazy clown chalice that is 80.

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And still got a bunch of 5$ mushroom and a couple frags of the 20$ section and chalices and bunch of plates

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Chalices available
Mummy eye 20
Miami vice 20
Gonzos raspberry lemonade 20$
Toxic pie chalice 20$
Corn bread crazy clown 2 frags available 80$

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