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Decluttering/ Getting Out of Hobby

Discussion in 'Equipment For Sale, Trade or Want to Buy' started by mainn, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. mainn

    mainn Registered Users

    My Loss is your gain. I have realized I really don't have the time or energy for this hobby anymore. I am still holding on to my main tank for the time being but I am selling my second setup and all extraneous equipment. This second tank was my dream setup, where I bought all of the bits that I wanted for it, but it was really only running for about 6 months. We ended up moving and I know I will never have the time to put it back up. I have a lot of new and lightly used stuff. I will do my best to list ages and price paid for things where I have it. I am really intending to price my items fairly, but please make me an offer. I am also willing to part out or bundle. I can send pics on request.

    30 Gallon Rimless Setup - 500$
    30 Gallon Deep Blue Rimless 24x24x12 Reef Ready (Has all plumbing and bulkheads)
    Custom Stand
    10-15 Gallon Eschopps Sump (Has a cosmetic crack near top, is nowhere near waterline and has not affected integrity of sump)
    BRS 2'X2' Screen Kit (1/8" Screen) I put it together already, but I am including all of the extra pieces, as well as additional parts (extra corners and sides). I put holes in the screen because I was growing mangroves in the tank. There is more than enough materials to rescreen the frame multiple times. (Also including the spline tools)
    AquaGadget Screen Clips (this is to set the screen under the lip to get the rimless look)
    125W Eheim Jager Heater

    Aqua Maxx FC-80 Protien Skimmer 160$ (Bought New 200$)
    This thing is a beast, used less than 6 months, bought band new, only reason I don't have the box is it got thrown out in the move.

    Auto Aqua Smart ATO -110$ (Bought New 160$) Used less than 6 months, still have the box, the manuals and all of the pieces. Love these little guys.

    Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0 Return Pump 714 GPH - 75$ (Bought New 99$) Used in Tank setup above, Less than 6 months of use, this thing is powerful!

    Kessil Light Setup - $245
    Kessil A 360 E-Series Tuna Blue
    Kessil Gooseneck
    Kessil Controller

    2 EcoDrift 4.0 Controllable Powerheads w/ Controllers - 70$ each
    Still have the boxes

    BRS 4 Stage Value RODI 100 GPD 110$ (Bought New 145$ + DI Resin 13$)
    I literally bought this and used it once. I was intending to swap it out with my 50GPD Unit, and I never did. The RO Membrane is brand new,but the other filter stages were swapped with partially expended filters from my other unit. The first 2 filters are pretty new, but the DI Resin is done, but I will throw in a new sealed package of BRS DI Resin that I never got around to replacing.

    BRS Mini Reactor and Parts - 50$ (Bought New 80$)
    BRS Mini Reactor
    Colbalt MJ 1200 Powerhead
    Extra Cartridge
    Extra Tubing
    Misc Ball Valves

    QT Setup - 40$
    10 Gal Tank
    Fluval Aquafilter 30 HOB Filter
    Ehiem Jager 50w Heater
    Bubbler and Bubble Stones
    Eggcrate Lid
    PVC Caves

    Hydor Slim Skim Nano Protien Skimmer 20$

    Marine Pure Biofilter Media Block 8x4x4 New- 15$ (Full Block 45$)
    I bought an 8x8x4 block and cut it in half. One half is in my remaining tank, the other half is in the box and never used. I intended to put it in the sump of the above setup.

    50lbs Dry Rock (2, 5 Gal Buckets 25lb Each)
    40$ Bucket (about 1.5$/lb)

    ~15lb Dry Sand (Fiji Pink) Free

    Oceans Wonder Ceramic Frag Plugs 30Pack 5$ (New 12$)
    Package is opened, but I only used one of them (I Counted)

    Filter Socks/ Media Bags 20$
    2 BRS 4" Mesh Filter Socks New (Paid 5$ Each)
    6 BRS Mesh/Felt 4" Filter Socks Used (Paid 5$ Each)
    3 Various size Media Bags Used

    BRS Neoprene Leveling Foam 1/8" thick 48x80 Sheet 25$ (New 45$)
    I needed the wider cut of this foam so I couldn't buy a half sheet. I've used less than 75% of it, I think there is only a 26x26" square cut out.

    Seachem Phosguard 2L 75% Full - 20$

    BRS ROX .8 Carbon 1/4 gal New - 15$
    I also have an almost empty container I will throw in with this

    BRS Bulk GFO 1/4 gallon 60% Full - 10$

    Seachem Reef Kalkwasser 500grams 80% Full - 10$

    Kent Pro Buffer dKH - Almost Empty
    Seachem Prime 100 ml - Mostly Full
    Instant Ocean Sea Buffer - New???
  2. andre

    andre Amphipod M.A.S.C Club Member

    Pics? Location? How many drains on the 30 gallon?
  3. mainn

    mainn Registered Users

    I am at c470 and Quincy. Tank has a corner overflow, 1 drain, 1 return. Sorry about the photo quality, the tank is in the shed and I don't have any lights.

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  4. ianryd

    ianryd Copepod

  5. damontoy

    damontoy Amphipod M.A.S.C Club Member

    I'll take gfo, carbon and pure block

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  6. mainn

    mainn Registered Users

    PM Sent
  7. mainn

    mainn Registered Users

    See below for Photos

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  8. mainn

    mainn Registered Users

    Hydor Skimmer Sold
    1 Eco Drift Pump Sold
    Kent Buffer Gone
    IO Buffer Gone
  9. mainn

    mainn Registered Users

    Kessil sold

    H4NZO_STEEL Copepod

    Pm sent.

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  11. mainn

    mainn Registered Users

    ATO Sold
  12. mainn

    mainn Registered Users

  13. mainn

    mainn Registered Users

    Mini Reactor
    Frag Plugs
    Seachem Prime
  14. mainn

    mainn Registered Users

    Still Available
    Reduced - $600 For Tank, Return Pump, Skimmer, All Tank components, Filter Socks
    Reduced - $50 Ecodrift Pump
    Reduced - $90 RODI
    Reduced - $1/ lb Dry Rock - Willing to reduce further if bundling with tank
    Media Block
    Leveling Foam
    Dry Sand - Free
  15. Bdk1786

    Bdk1786 Amphipod

    the sicce pump still available?
  16. mainn

    mainn Registered Users

  17. gmate

    gmate Copepod M.A.S.C Club Member

    Interested in the dry rock and sand - how much do you have? I am at C470 and Quincy/Bowles (Alkire) so I could pop in today or tomorrow for pickup. Shoot me a message.
  18. mainn

    mainn Registered Users

  19. mainn

    mainn Registered Users

    Rock and Sand is gone.

    Still Available, Make me an offer
    Reduced - $600 For Tank, Return Pump, Skimmer, All Tank components, Filter Socks
    Reduced - $50 Ecodrift Pump
    Reduced - $90 RODI
    Media Block
    Leveling Foam

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