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Getting out of the Hobby Make Me an Offer

Discussion in 'Equipment For Sale, Trade or Want to Buy' started by mainn, Jul 29, 2020.

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  1. mainn

    mainn Registered Users

    With everything COVID, I put off selling the rest of my gear. I am ready for it to be gone though.
    I think my prices are very reasonable and I would take priority over someone who would take everything, however I am also willing to part out.

    If you are interested in anything please make me an offer.

    I am near c470 and Quincy, Text me at 3217203617 or message me here.

    I am getting rid of ALL of my fish stuff, $325 takes it all, $250 takes everything but the RODI Units. RODI Units I am doing 50$ each, your choice. I will try and list everything out, but I am sure I am missing stuff.

    JBJ Rimless 30 Gal Tank and Equipment

    Included in this is the Tank, JBJ Stand (Needs new hinges for doors, but otherwise sound), Screen top, 2 Return Pumps (Colbalt 1200), Hydor Koralia Nano, In Tank Flow Director, In Tank Filter Floss Holder, 2 50w Ehiem Jager Heaters Used in conjunction for fail safe (Pretty much new), Modified AIO Filter Sock, Egg Crate Media Rack, Stock Media Racks (x2)

    BRS 4 Stage Value RODI 100 GPD 50$ (Bought New 145$ + DI Resin 13$)

    Also including the sink attachment which includes multiple adapters, the hose attachment, and a canister wrench.

    I literally bought this and used it once. I was intending to swap it out with my 50GPD Unit, and I never did. The RO Membrane is brand new,but the other filter stages were swapped with partially expended filters from my other unit. The first 2 filters are pretty new, but the DI Resin is done, but I will throw in a new sealed package of BRS DI Resin that I never got around to replacing.

    Barracuda RODI 50GPD

    This unit is older, The 1st 2 stages are okay (they were the ones from the 4 Stage value), and the DI Resin needs replaced. This unit has been upgraded with a pressure gauge, flush valve, and an inline TDS meter. The glass on the pressure gauge is cracked, however it is not a fluid filled gauge and works fine. Also including hose adapter, push connect tool, and canister wrench.

    Angle Stop Valve

    Literally never used, this is for hooking up an RO unit under a sink. (I will include with an RO unit)

    2 Saltwater Mixing Heaters

    Misc Noname Mixing Pumps

    Bubbler with new stones

    Kent Marine Tech Machesium 64oz
    It is a few years old, but almost completely full

    Seachem Phosguard 2L 75% Full

    Bayer Coral Dip Mostly Full

    Water change stuff Tubing, vacuums etc

    Test Kits
    API: Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrate, PH, Kalk, Calcium, Phosphate, Copper

    2 Refractometers + calibration Fluid

    New never opened Prazipro
    New Never opened Mardel Coppersafe
  2. kchristensen8064

    kchristensen8064 Sardine M.A.S.C Club Member

    I'm interested in the BRS 100gpd rodi. What's your availability look like?
  3. mainn

    mainn Registered Users

    Working from home so all times? :)
  4. kchristensen8064

    kchristensen8064 Sardine M.A.S.C Club Member

    Would Saturday work at all?
  5. mainn

    mainn Registered Users

    PMd you
    kchristensen8064 likes this.
  6. JCantu31

    JCantu31 Amphipod

    Have pics of tank and stand? Might also be interested in everything.
  7. mainn

    mainn Registered Users

    PMd You
  8. mainn

    mainn Registered Users

    The brs rodi is sold.
  9. mainn

    mainn Registered Users

    All sold. Mods please close

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