Large amount of gear for sale (470 and 285 area)


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Good morning,

So, due to life circumstances and limited time I have broken down my setup and I am looking to sell my tank and equipment. The following is a listing for the large items which I have for sale but there might be more (smaller) items that I post as time goes on. Thanks to the Masc community for all of the help over the years and hopefully there is something on this post that someone will want.

Also note, I am in the area of 470 and 285 in Jefferson County.

- 180 gallon tank (5'x2'x29" tall) - the black molding on the tank has a small amount of damage which appears to be cosmetic in nature but no chips in the glass. It had been running for approximately 7 years with that cosmetic damage with no issues. Also, I will include the stand which I built for the tank. The stand is approximately 41" tall, so the tank will stand a bit tall. - $500 OBO

- Emerald Trigger 39" Sump - $150 OBO

- Vertex RX-C 6D Calcium Reactor with co2 bottle, Kamoer FX-STP peristalic pump and carbondose electronic regulator (please note that the Kamor FX-STP pump has a slight clicking sound as it is in operation) - ALSO comes with a fair bit of media - $400 OBO SOLD

- Coralife Turbo-Twist UV Sterilizer - Bulb is approximately 6 months old - $50 OBO

- Reef Octopus reactor (had been used for biopellets) - $25

- BRS dual media reactor (with some media) - $25

- Jeabo 150W return pump (some discoloration on the controller) - $50

- Kamoer dosing pump (4 heads) - 25

- Tunze auto top off (with15 gallon ATO reservoir if you'd like it) - 50

- ATI Dimmable SunPower T5 HO Light Fixture 48" 8x54w - 250 OBO

- Apex Controller System - 250 OBO SOLD

- Fish Trap/Acclimation box - $25

- Your Choice Aquatics Protien Skimmer - $50 obo

- Maxspect XF150 (contoller and 1 pumphead) - please note that the controller's display doesnt work so well and the pump is stuck at around 60% pulsing flow - $25 OBO

- Icecap battery backup - 50 SOLD

Attached are some pictures but if anyone has any questions please let me know. Also, if someone is looking for a package deal then we can negotiate. Thanks for looking


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