Thank You for Joining us at Reefstock - And for Supporting Reef Adams


M.A.S.C Club Member
It was great to see everyone at Reefstock this year. The support from the local community really makes this show possible. I enjoyed speaking with many folks from MASC as well as CAS and am particularly thankful to all of our volunteers. You guys rock!

The Silent Auction was new and different, change can be difficult and we weren't sure how effective it would be. Thanks for hanging with us as we figured out the logistics on the fly. There were many fantastic deals and I am very thankful to those that bid retail for several items. You know who you are. We raised nearly $7000 for Reef Adams' 529 college fund. Your generosity is most appreciated and I know that Windsor was happily surprised at the support shown to her son.

Next year's Reefstock will have a new location, back bigger and better for another fun local reefing event. Till then, think about joining us for Reefstock Chattanooga (the Tennessee Aquarium is amazing) or venture further south to MACNA in Orlando. So many great opportunities to be part of a vibrant community.

Thank you to all who attended.