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2012 Project #5: Tabasco

Discussion in 'MASC Science Fair Competition' started by hurrafreak, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. hurrafreak

    hurrafreak Orca M.A.S.C Club Member

    At this point posting online is totally up to you! You definitely need to keep track as well though behind the scenes.
  2. Tabasco

    Tabasco Copepod

    Absolutely keeping track behind the scenes. I'll try to get a monthly post of updates with pics.
  3. Tabasco

    Tabasco Copepod

    Just wanted to give an heads up that I will be out of the country June 3-17th and will not have access to internet during that time. If you have any questions and I don't respond that is why. No data will be collected during the time that I am away. Cook Islands here I come!
  4. Tabasco

    Tabasco Copepod

    Thought I would post a small update as the data collection has been going for about 1.5 months now.

    Early trending is showing that the 0 degree frags are showing the most weight gain. The 66 degree frags are showing the most polp count gain. The 45 degree frags are somewhere in the middle of both. :) We are not talking huge numbers here, but I imagine as frags have settled in we will see more true results as they are recovered fully from being fragged now.

    Couple other interesting things to note:
    I would have like to have more frags. Considering cutting and adding one or two more to each angle. Thinking if the same number are added at the same time it would not benefit any angle more than the others. They would all be equally behind when added.

    When given the chance, growth is preferred around the edge of the frag plug than across the middle.

    Questions/thoughts welcome.
  5. Tabasco

    Tabasco Copepod

    Juan-It was great to meet you on Sat! Was a marathon day for me, sorry if I seemed kindof out of it. haha. I have emailed all the back up to you this morning. Please let me know if you don't recieve it.

    Big thanks to masc for putting this contest on! It was a great experience. But I will be glad to have my frag rack space back!!
  6. reefmaster719

    reefmaster719 Barracuda M.A.S.C Club Member

    Tabasco. You have some of the healthiest and biggest polyped zoas ive ever seen. They look great and I appreciate everything.
  7. Ghosty

    Ghosty Prawn

    Nice to meet you Saturday. Very interesting study! Is there a link or another thread with a summary of the results incl. your latest or final data? Great info to file away for how best to place corals.
  8. Tabasco

    Tabasco Copepod

    I just sent all the write ups and charts to Juan this morning. I believe the plan is to get the results from each project posted. I think he will start new threads for the write ups but I am not sure.

    I am glad you found the project interesting. The results were a little surprising and I think, in the end, useful. For me they definately led to other questions.

    It was gerat to meet you too! It was actually really nice to put faces with names, although honestly I don't think I can keep everyone straight right now! haha

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