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Breeding Journal: Amphiprion ocellaris

Discussion in 'Breeding Journals' started by ReefKeeper, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. ReefKeeper

    ReefKeeper Copepod

    Breeding Journal DataSheet
    This first post should be updated regularly to include new information as events take place or changes are made to your system

    Species: Amphiprion ocellaris
    Social Structure: Communal
    Size of Individuals: F- 2" M-1.25"
    Age of Individuals: F~12mo, M~6mo
    Date added to Tank: 1/15/13

    Broodstock Tank Details
    Size of Tank: 150gallon
    Substrate Details: 170lbs Caribsea aragonite live sand (.5mm-1mm), ~225lbs live rock
    Filtration Details: 800gph overflowbox, 20gal sump w/ refugium (6" live sand with 20lbs live rock, Various Macro algea), Reef octopus Model 2 6" external protein skimmer w/ 500gph mag drive and 500gph pinwheel skimmer pump, 450gph external BlueLine return pump, 36watt Coralife UV sterlizer, (1) VorTech MP40Wes running short pulse mode making a 1" resonant wave in display tank.
    Water Changes: Instant Ocean Reef Crystals @ 1.025, 78F
    Water Temperature: 77.5F
    Lighting: (1) Aqua Illuminations Vega Color Black w/ controller, (saving up for the other one) 40w aqueon fluorescent fixture
    Lighting Cycle: FOR AI VEGA COLOR
    8:00-10:30- w45, b55, rb55, db55, r35, g35
    10:30-12:30- w55, b65, rb65, db65, r45, g45
    12:30-2:30- w65, b75, rb75,db75, r55,g55
    2:30-4:30- w75, b85, rb85,db85, r55, g55
    4:30-6:30- w65, b75, rb75, db75, r45, g45
    6:30-8:30- w55, b65, rb65, db65, r35, g35
    9:30pm- 8:300am, w0, b4, rb8,db13, r1, g1
    Lunar Cycle: On, Start: 10pm, End 8am
    Weather Effects: On, 20%, 1/day, random, lighting NO, 8am-8pm
    Other Tank Inhabitants:
    (4) Blue / Green chromis
    (3) yellow tang
    (2) yellow tail damsels
    Powder Blue tang
    Yellow Eye Kole Tang
    snowflake eel
    fuzzy dwarf lion
    mandarin dragonet
    cleaner wrasse
    (3) Red Sea Lyretail Female Anthias

    flame scallop
    (2) emerald Crab
    (30) blue leg
    (10) brown leg hermit crabs
    (5) Mexican Red Leg Hermit Crabs
    (2) RBTA
    (4) Bumble Bee Snails
    (9) Turbo Snails
    (24) Nassarius snails
    (30) Cerith Snails
    Orange Linkia Starfish
    Anemone crab

    Star polyps
    Pulsing Xenia
    (2) Zoa frags
    Flowerpot- blue

    Broodstock Feeding Details
    Food Types: Elite Reef Cuisine (a food blend made my a LFS that contains the following: Hikari: Brine, Mysis, Jumbo Mysis, Blood Warms, Fortified Krill, Argent: Cylop-eeze, Nutramar: Prawn Eggs, Piscine Energetics: Mysis, Brightwell aquatics: garlic powder, AminoMega (Omega/ HUFA) Ocean nutrition: marine algae w/ garlic, ) Kent: Garlic Extreme, Phytomax, VitaChem Marine formula, sally's green marine algea, Hikari: Marine A, Marine S, and Seaweed Extreme, Hikari Frozen Krill flat packs
    Feeding Schedule:
    Daily: 8:45am- 1"x.5" chunk of ERCuisine, 2-3 hikari krill, 2 drops Garlic Extreme, 5 drops VitaChem, 3 drops PhytoMax defrosted in warm tap water and let sit for 10min before added to tank.
    4-5pm- pinch of a mix of marine A, Marine S, and Seaweed Extreme, added slowly to avoid overfeeding. 1/2 sheet of Green Marine algae on veggie clip
    RBTA's- 1-2 defrosted krill soaked in 2drops garlic and 4 drops vita chem
    Vita Chem @ 3 teaspoons
    Garlic extreme @ 17 drops

    Spawning Details
    Date of First Spawn:
    Spawn Time of Day:
    Dates of Consecutive Spawns:
    Courtship Details:
    Egg Size:
    Egg Color:
    Egg Count:

    Hatch Details
    Hatch Date:
    Hatch Time of Day:
    # Days after Spawn:
    Larvae Description:

    Larval Tank Details
    Size of Larval Tank:
    Substrate Details:
    Other Tank Decor:
    Filtration Details:
    Lighting Cycle:
    Water Changes:

    Larval Feeding Details
    Food Types:
    Feeding Schedule:

    Date of Settlement Start:
    Days after Hatch:
    Date of Settlement End:
    Description of Fry:

    Grow-Out Tank Details
    Size of Grow-Out Tank:
    Substrate Details:
    Other Tank Decor:
    Filtration Details:
    Lighting Cycle:
    Water Changes:
    Size at Transfer:
    Age at Transfer:

    Grow-Out Feeding Details
    Food Types:
    Feeding Schedule:

    Additional Information
    Miscellaneous Information:

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