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  1. chytownprincess

    chytownprincess Copepod

    Can someone tell me if I am correct. Is this Bryopsis? [​IMG]

    " I need a habit that my job can support. "~Poor Nurse
  2. static reef

    static reef SCMAS Board Members S.C.M.A.S BOD


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  3. chytownprincess

    chytownprincess Copepod


    " I need a habit that my job can support. "~Poor Nurse
  4. Andrew_bram

    Andrew_bram Shark M.A.S.C Club Member

    What is your mag at. Elevated mag has always worked well for me
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  5. JodiI

    JodiI Amphipod

    I have an emerald crab that destroyed my bryopsis within days

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  6. chytownprincess

    chytownprincess Copepod

    My mag is at 1500, kh 10, ca 450. How much d WHT strength H2O2 should I use?

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