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Cali tort

Discussion in 'Extreme Corals' started by fc_reefer, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. fc_reefer

    fc_reefer Copepod

    Got this from scchase. Shutting down my tank so this goes back in DBTC. The frag is very nice. It is in south Fort Collins. Preference will go to who can get it first. I'm available after 7pm or flexible on weekends.

    1)You have one month to frag this, let it heal and DBTC the new frag. (Post pics)
    2)you must have 1yr+ experience with SPS.

    If you violate rule 1 you will suffer eternal shame and continual algae blooms. The end.

  2. SkyDiv3r17

    SkyDiv3r17 Prawn M.A.S.C Club Member

    I'll take it. I work from 730 to midnight though.. where in foco?
  3. DyM

    DyM Sardine M.A.S.C Club Member

    Nice one.
  4. SRT43R

    SRT43R Amphipod

    I'll take it if he doesn't get it
  5. SkyDiv3r17

    SkyDiv3r17 Prawn M.A.S.C Club Member

    All yours SRT43R
  6. SilverSurfer

    SilverSurfer Prawn M.A.S.C Club Member

    OO when you frag it would love a piece have a good size bird nest I'm considering fragging but it will be my first one that didn't self frag.
  7. zombie

    zombie Tuna M.A.S.C Club Member

    He has to DBTC the frag, not trade it. If you want the frag he has to take, you have to meet his conditions when he posts it for DBTC, which is at bare minimum to grow it out, frag it, and DBTC to someone else.
  8. SRT43R

    SRT43R Amphipod

    Thanks for the amazing frag man!

    Attached Files:

  9. DyM

    DyM Sardine M.A.S.C Club Member

    Again, nice one.
  10. fc_reefer

    fc_reefer Copepod

    Nice pic

    No problem. Nice meeting you. That pic is nice. It's always good to see the polyps coming out right away.

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