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Chemistry and lighting advice

Discussion in 'Expert Info' started by Reef Junkie, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. Reef Junkie

    Reef Junkie Copepod

    Hell all,

    i am am not a noob and have kept Sps tanks before, but a new tank buildout has me frustrated so I am turning to the experts..

    Little background on the tank.
    4 month old 90 gallon corner with 30 gal sump/fuge
    Calcium: 450
    Mag: 1500
    Alk: ***8 (have to add buffer daily or it falls)
    nitrate: 0
    temp 78-79
    pH: 8.3
    Lights: 2- hydra 52's

    I used to run halides and t-5 lights decided to go LED for the new tank. Went through the classic phases of the cycle, got diatoms, battled some hair and everything settled quickly, but now I am in some foriegn territory. I believe I have cyano now and will see diatoms spring up on the glass. I test phosphate with a Hanna low range meter and it reads 0 same with nitrate, but I do not believe that I have zero. I think the cyano and the diatom are using it. I have Cheto and dragons breath in the fuge and skim. This is problem number 1, I have been siphoning it and keeping up but it returns..

    Problem 2. My alk has not been supper stable. It wants to hang out at 7 sometimes 6.5 dkh so I use baking soda and ro/di to make buffer 3 oz a day keeps me at 8 steady. I also use Kalk in my ATO with a tunze osmolater and a two little fishes stirrer. (Not sold on this yet). Still need to supplement Cal. And Mag occasionally to retain desired levels. My cal and mag are pretty stable why would alk fall? I read on RC an article by Randy Holmes that said I may not be using enough Kalk? I mix 1/2 cup in weekly to the stirrer..

    Problem 3 Sps not loving life. I know it's a little early in this tanks life but had to move some from other tanks. Essentially I am seeing very little PE, had a bout of rtn, and now are just pale. I know having too low phosphate and nitrates can be a bit of an issue, but with battling the cyano not sure how to keep it higher. I have 8 smaller fish (one dwarf angle partly responsible for the PE.) that I feed 2-3 times a day. I stepped up feeding to see if I couldn't get nutrients up. This I feel is just feeding the bad stuff. I started dosing zooplankton, phyto and Cyclopees at night when the angel is sleeping. PE is out slightly then. I also had the tips burn on a few colonies. Possibly the alk dropping? Or my hydras. I run uv and white low and keep mostly to the blues, but my overall intensity is 70% in blues 30% for white UV and a little lower for reds and greens. 10 hours with only 3-4 hours at max.

    I am not sure if they need more light or less.. LEDs are tough to judge so far. I had to clip the tips of some as they got algae on the burnt tips. Lowered light and started with the daily alk. Things seem better but still dull and no PE.

    Any suggestions on some tweaks would be greatly appreciated. Need to get nutrients up to the corals without the problem Algea eating them. Do not want to do the ZEOvit thing. But have done some aminos .
    Just want to get things stable and happy, do not want to lose my Sps.
    Would love to see colors pop

    So so to recap
    lighting suggestions
    cyano suggestions
    alk issue suggestions (more Kalk)?
    nutrient import/export

    thanks for your time !
  2. Balz3352

    Balz3352 Marlin M.A.S.C Club Member

    I bet the sps is more related to unstable perams than anything at this point. I bet lighting is fine, I've used chemipure for cyano it worked for me. Put skimmer into overtime but worked. Maybe try longer light cycle on macros?
  3. Reef Junkie

    Reef Junkie Copepod

    I agree, and know its a bit early but had no choice. :) My biggest concern is the nutrient aspect. my mature tanks seem to keep a solid balance but the new one does not. I step up food the algae loves it.. I step down food the algae declines but the Nitrate and Phosphate still register a zero either way. I know the sps need a bit of them for color and growth, so considered carbon dosing, but felt its too early on this tank as well.

    Anyone on have thoughts on the ALK issue?
  4. Miah2bzy

    Miah2bzy Barracuda M.A.S.C Club Member

    Following along.
    I would bet it's the fluctuating params though. Have you tested them at night too?

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