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Green Star Polyps

Discussion in 'Beginner Corals' started by coreyt, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. coreyt

    coreyt Registered Users

    I have 5-6 (one may not come back out) frags of some green star polyps, light green/pale coloration. (I'll eventually have some richer green polyps to frag out)



    I need to get to 25 posts to list some lighting in the classifieds eventually and this seems a good way to get started :)

    Up in Firestone/north of Denver, pick up only, bring a container, a ziploc is the best I have to spare.

    Various sizes (from 3-4 polyps to 3" colonies bigger than pictured).

    Grows fast, easy to frag/keep under control. I'm too lazy to head to the LFS this weekend and trade it for store credit so anyone who wants a piece can have it.

    I had it under 60w leds and now under ~150W leds in the same place, wildly varied the flow, it doesn't care.

    Relatively clean tank, some cotton candy algae and aiptaisia in the sump as far as pests go. No recent fish additions.
  2. Fitz19d

    Fitz19d Sardine M.A.S.C Club Member

    I'm in frederick and would love to grab some bits maybe tommorow evening or tuesday. Eventually want to do the back wall covered in them.
  3. coreyt

    coreyt Registered Users

    Sure sounds good!
  4. joshuaaah

    joshuaaah Copepod

    I can use any frags right now. I've recently got back into the hobby. I need gsp and pods

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  5. coreyt

    coreyt Registered Users

    Sure, I'll send a PM, I still have a few smaller pieces, plus I can give you a chunk of Chaeto filled with pods if you want it, It's about time to prune it back anyways.
    joshuaaah likes this.
  6. coreyt

    coreyt Registered Users

    I just peeled off a few more frags of this, I also have some of the green(er) color GSP I just pulled off a rock, I'll get some pictures of the green tomorrow
    joshuaaah likes this.
  7. coreyt

    coreyt Registered Users

    I have a bunch of LARGE frags of this in the pale coloration, and a whole rock encrusted they came off of. Will post some pictures later if anyone is interested after the frags come out again.

    I'm debating whether I'm going to keep this at all in favor of freeing up a chunk of space in the tank for more advanced stuff.

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