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Growing again, need some help. Looking for new team members, need a job?

Discussion in 'Aquatic Art Inc.' started by crisc, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. crisc

    crisc Cuttle Fish Platinum Sponsor M.A.S.C Club Member

    That's right, looking for some new crew members to join our team. Our service accounts are growing and more are on their way. Just finished installing a 1000g reef aquarium and more to come! If you are interested in working within this hobby we enjoy so much let me know.

    -Good driving record!
    -30-40 hours per week. Working Saturdays is required.
    -$12-$18 per hour
    -Need to be able to lift 70 pounds on a regular basis
    -Must have experience with saltwater reef systems, pay is dependent on experience.
    -Most hours are normal business hours, 8:30 to 4:30 but there are times which we work after those hours.

    Please send all inquiries and resume to cris@aquaticartinc.com.


  2. Dr.DiSilicate

    Dr.DiSilicate Kraken Staff Member M.A.S.C Club Member M.A.S.C. B.O.D. B.O.D. Member-at-Large

    Great opportunity y'all! One of the best stores in the country.
  3. J.guokas

    J.guokas Copepod M.A.S.C Club Member

    Ahhhh I would love to but can't take a pay cut. Good luck finding people.
  4. alindell21

    alindell21 Copepod

    Would honestly leave my job for this one, but I live in the Springs and got into the police academy.
  5. daskibum

    daskibum Copepod

    If only I wasn't a noob to the aquarium world...

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