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Is the Aeris Epic right for me and my daughter

Discussion in 'SCUBA Discussion' started by fiji4118, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. fiji4118

    fiji4118 Cuttle Fish M.A.S.C Club Member

    Hi All,

    Posted this to a scuba forum but thought I'd see if anyone here had any insight. I have not had a chance to dive since the year I was certified (2003). My a lot has changed! My daughter is going through open water certification and I was looking into getting computers for both of us. We will be vacation divers for the most part and she will hold a junior certification for a few years that will limit our depth. I thought it would be nice to have hoseless AI on these so that I could monitor her air (I realize there is a very limited distance for the transmitters and I could probably just as easily look while I was next to her!). I came across the Aeris Epic new online for less that $400 with a transmitter. Seems like a pretty good deal for a computer with AI. The reviews I have been able to find are favorable but it is an older model. Pro/cons for this computer? Better plan than the one I have?



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