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Discussion in 'Individual Buyer/Seller Feedback' started by lkoechle, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. lkoechle

    lkoechle Copepod

    I've had two transactions with him. The first was for an AI SOL in November 2014. When we went to go look at it, the SOL was being finicky and didn't want to really turn on. When we finally did get it working, it was with the newer controller instead of the original SOL controller. Jeremiah wasn't really looking to bundle it in with the SOL but since it was the only controller we could get working with it. He even gave us essentially a money back gurantee which I thought was terrific since we weren't sure exactly what was going on with the light. Come to find out about two months later when we moved the light again and accidentally switched the power supply to our original SOL, the power supply was the problem. But anyways, I think he's a great, super stand-up guy that really just wants the best for us.

    During this original transaction, we got to see his tank and his awesome zoa garden. We mentioned we would love to buy some once the large tank we were cycling (hence the purchase for the SOL) was ready. A few weeks ago we decided it was time to start collecting and I texted him asking if he had anything to sell. He told us to come over and we could pick out from among the ones that were ready to be fragged. About a week after that (Sunday) we picked up our stuff plus a couple extras because he is just that cool. ;) Everything looks great and is doing great, and he will definitely be my go to guy until I also have all the zoas he has because I bought all his frags. lol Would definitely recommend buying from him.
  2. Jeremiah

    Jeremiah Cuttle Fish M.A.S.C Club Member

    Thank you so much for the compliments. Hope everything is opening and healthy.

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