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MASC PSA - Please Read

Discussion in 'Club Related Info' started by CRW Reef, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. CRW Reef

    CRW Reef Orca M.A.S.C Club Member ex-officio

    Public Service Announcement:

    It has recently come to light and attention of the MASC Board of Directors that there are few members of our group that are buying corals and fish from wholesalers and then reselling both nationally and locally. While we certainly support anyone and everyone in the coral vendor business, we do not allow the sale of corals or fish purchased through wholesalers on our site with out becoming a MASC sponsor.

    This is not and will not be a topic of discussion on the definition of a hobbyist vs. a business/retailer. This is the management and enforcement of club rules and protection/respect for our very much appreciated and valued current sponsors and supporters.

    There for the Board of Directors is requesting that any individuals currently buying coral or fish form wholesalers do one of the following:

    1. Apply and become a MASC sponsor
    2. Stop the sale of corals and or fish on MASC
    3. Cease/Stop the purchase of corals or fish from wholesalers

    Thank you all for your cooperation in this manner and please contact a Board Member with any questions or to apply and become a Sponsor.
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