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Newsletter Submissions Welcome

Discussion in 'MASC Newsletters' started by Clown-N-Around, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Clown-N-Around

    Clown-N-Around Sardine M.A.S.C Club Member

    The idea is that this newsletter will be a reflection of the members and the diverse views, ideas, and opinions that we all have. As such, we would like to hear from you! We would like you to submit yourself or your friends to participate, each month, in a few of the different categories that we intend to make the mainstays of our newsletter.
    To make this possible, Hurrafreak has created an e-mail for everyone to submit entries for the various categories. We also will be contacting some of you to help us out with various things. All submissions should be sent to gomofreak@gmail.com and should have the category that they are being submitted for as there subject line. The categories and basic format that we are looking for are as follows:

    -Tank of the Month (TOTM)
    Please include username, full tank shot, back of tank shot (plumbing), and a few highlight shots. Also include all tank parameters and how long your(or your friends) system has been active.

    -Thread of the Month (THOTM)
    Please include the originator of the threads username, topic, and why you believe that this thread stands out.

    -Informative Article of the Month (IAM)
    We all seek the wisdom of those more experienced than us with a certain “thing,” and in this hobby there is no limit to “things.” So we will be looking for people with personal experience and a desire to inform others to submit here. We will be looking for articles describing anything within the hobby. Because this category is so open-ended I won’t even try to give examples. I will say that these submissions will be saved and possibly used during later monthly newsletters, and I will also say to look for guest articles to appear here as well.

    -Product Reviews
    No one has the resources and especially the funding, to research every product out there. So we intend tap into our group knowledge and then make that available to everyone. For this subject we will create a vote thread that will be for a specific type of item. For example, we will look for the best protein skimmers. We will then post a sticky thread with a voting option. This will list all of the manufacturers that we know for that item. However, any manufacturer will be acceptable as we will review the submissions and select accordingly. What we are looking for here is what item you are supporting, and what sized system it is working for!

    This newsletter is going to start small. As always we would love to have suggestions from everyone. Please submit for the previous categories, as well as submitting suggestions, to gomofreak@gmail.com.

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