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Purple Digi

Discussion in 'Standard Corals' started by Bdk1786, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. Bdk1786

    Bdk1786 Amphipod

    Up for grabs are a few pieces of Purple Digi that have broken off during maintenance and a**hole crab movement.

    I have a decently large chunk with many branches, and two single sticks (one branch, the other single stick)

    Sorry for the orientation, don't know why it reverts after uploading.

    *3rd stick not pictured.

  2. Sctip

    Sctip Sardine M.A.S.C Club Member M.A.S.C. B.O.D.

    I don't have a purple Digi.

    Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  3. Bdk1786

    Bdk1786 Amphipod

    Got the big chunk saved for you then!
  4. Kluker589

    Kluker589 Amphipod

    I will take one!!
  5. Bdk1786

    Bdk1786 Amphipod

    Kluker589 Gotcha!

    Smaller single branch is all that is left if anyone is interested.
  6. Kayvon

    Kayvon Copepod

    I'll take the last one depending on location
  7. Haddonisreef

    Haddonisreef Kraken M.A.S.C Club Member

    Put me on the lost
  8. Bdk1786

    Bdk1786 Amphipod

    Location is Thornton, 120th and Colorado
  9. Bdk1786

    Bdk1786 Amphipod

    I can dig up another frag for you.

    All gone after this though. Please close.
  10. Bdk1786

    Bdk1786 Amphipod


    Pick up at my place. 2 Frags left.
  11. Rigo07

    Rigo07 Prawn

    Ill take one if u still have some

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Bdk1786

    Bdk1786 Amphipod

    Bump while this is still open.

    2 frags still available. One is newly created by the same snail terror. At least 2-3" frags, multiple branches.
  13. Roscoe

    Roscoe Copepod M.A.S.C Club Member

    I'll take one

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