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Reef Ready full setup

Discussion in 'Equipment For Sale, Trade or Want to Buy' started by jbanman14, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. jbanman14

    jbanman14 Copepod

    Great starter tank for saltwater reef.

    40 gallon rimless – 36 x 18 x 17 custom overflow box. 2 drains (main & backup) and return line with two outlets setup for locline, this allows you to direct the flow wherever you want in the tank. Back painted black. Can also be run as herbie overflow for quite draining.

    Custom stand – custom fit to tank, beetle kill pine, clear coated to protect against moisture, all structural wood painted for saltwater application.

    Built in light bar – easily adjustable height. Strong to hold any type of lighting.

    ATO kit – DIY, has worked flawlessly for 2 years. 3 float switches (main fill start, backup to prevent overfill, and reservoir shutoff). Will shut down pump if fill switch fails or if the H2O reservoir is empty. Pump, snail guard and reservoir (small trash can) included.

    Sump – 20 gallon long with glass baffles added. First chamber houses protein skimmer with bubble trap, second chamber housed macro algae and frags (macro grow light included), third chamber for return pump.

    ATK temp controller - maintains highly accurate temperature in tank. Fail safe and higher accuracy over heater thermostats. Can also kick on a fan over the tank if temp gets too high. Digital control and readout for temperature. Works perfectly, love this thing. In upper right corner of sump picture.

    Power strip – 10 outlet circuit protector. All the outlets you should even need.

    SCA 301 skimmer – Up to 70 gallon so overkill for this tank, exactly what you want. Worked great for this size tank with normal fish stocking.

    Jebao DCS 4000 return pump – DC pump so only uses 50w max, much less needed on this tank. I never went over 30% and tons of flow without wave pumps. Feed mode to keep food in tank for 15 minutes before kicking on again automatically. Silent operation. Great pump 700GPH – 1100GPH, over 20x tank turnover per hour.

    Hydor koralia 1350 – 1350 GPH only using 6 watts. Silent operation and adjustable heads for different flow patterns. 2-3 months of use, got a vortech from a trade and this went in the closet.

    $300 for everything above.

    UPGRADABLE PARTS or for sale on their own

    Reef Octopus NW150 skimmer – Needle wheel pump. up to 150 gallons or you can HEAVILY stock this tank and have more than enough skimmer. Add $50 with tank or $120 on its own.

    Vortech MP40W – got in trade a few years ago form MASC member. Claimed it had been in closet for years and looked that way. Has functioned flawlessly in my time with it. Silent operation. He did say one of the LEDs in the controller burnt out so the colors referenced in the manual are a bit different because its missing a color. This did not impact its operation at all, just that the manual says blue for reef crest mode and the controller shows purple. You can just watch the water movement to see what mode it’s in. Never went above 30% on this tank or it blew rocks over, works too good for a 40 gallon. Add $60 with tank or $100 on its own.

    Name brand ATO – autotopoff.com ATO. Also got in trade but if you prefer a cleaner look this is for you. Add $15 with tank or $25 on its own.

    (2) Reef Bright LED bars – One is blue white combo, good for algae growing or small tank. All blue, good for stunner strip or corals in small sump. Used in this tank for algae and then small frag section, worked great. Well built. Add $50 for both with tank or $70 on their own. If only want one, prices are $25 if combined and $35 each individually

    $475 for fully upgraded tank, I will keep the DIY ATO, Koralia and SCA skimmer with this deal.

  2. jbanman14

    jbanman14 Copepod

    Bump. Open to offers on anything. Lot of emails but noone pulling the trigger.

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