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    5 gal ATO reservoir

    Bump. I'll be at the club event on 11/12 if anyone needs this.
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    MASC information

    Welcome! The event on Nov 12th is a great chance to meet people and find out more about the club, if you're able to attend. This club is smaller group of folks that are friendly and helpful. If you need something or have questions, ask away!
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    5 gal ATO reservoir

    Bump. Still have this.
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    looking for macro algae and xenia!

    I've got sympodium. I can give you a chunk. I'm up north in Erie. Let me know if you happen to get up this direction, and I'll let you know next time I'm heading to Denver.
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    Saying Hello

    Welcome and thanks for the intro. Sounds like you are no stranger to the joys and frustrations that come with this hobby. Looking forward to seeing your build thread, at some point. You could post a couple photos in the meantime. Happy reefing!
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    5 gal ATO reservoir

    Still available. Nice ATO reservoir. Make an offer, if interested. Thanks for looking.
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    Waterbox 220.6 Dream Build

    Moving?! It's always a lot of work but also good opportunity to make changes with tank. Keep us posted on your plans and if you need help.
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    5 gal ATO reservoir

    Weekend bump. Nice looking ATO reservoir will make your setup look extra classy. Make me an offer!
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    5 gal ATO reservoir

    Aquagadget 5 gallon ATO reservoir. Good condition. I upgraded to 15 gallon reservoir. Retail price is $142.99 on Bulk Reef Supply. Selling for $60. Pick up in Erie. Cash or Venmo. Thanks for looking.