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AlgaeBarn Relocation and Harvesting

Discussion in 'Algae Barn' started by AlgaeBarn, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. AlgaeBarn

    AlgaeBarn Amphipod

    As some of you may know, AlgaeBarn LLC was recently moved to a new facility with much more space. This is a very time consuming process to set up the area, restart cultures and get to a reasonable condition. However, this has allowed us to ensure a more efficient, reliable process that yields high-quality results. We will be harvesting within the next two weeks. We are currently not accepting orders(keep posted!), but we wanted to give you guys a well deserved update.

    Additionally, our website is back up and running. It still needs some finishing touches, but the link to the calculator can be found on the home page.

    4 strains of live phytoplankton for the OceanMagik blend
    1 strain of copepods: Tigriopus Sp.

    In the Pipeline
    2 strains of copepods
    Tisbe: A crowd favorite
    Poseidon's Feast - A three copepod specie blend.

    In the Near Future

    Pseudodiaptomus: Adults cling to glass and rocks and release their infants into the water column, making a tasty treat for your critters.

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