Clam Pics Only !!!!!

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Since we dont have a clam picture thread yet lets get one going :)

Here is a picture of some clams I used to have: crocea and maxima clam



Angel Fish
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tomtom2245;346298 said:

If only I had a tank large enough for this sucker we found while diving in Indonesia!
HOLY MOLY! Is that a perspective shot or is that thing really over a meter long???


Angel Fish
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Since I failed at making it to MBC on Saturday, I had some craigslist cash burning a hole in my pocket so I picked this fella up at AquaticArt. I've successfully owned Derasa clams in the past but wanted a Maxima this time. Here he/she/it is! 4 shots.

Lit by dual 14K 400W MH in a 150G XH (48x24x30) with a currentUSA Actinic strip for blue. I need to work on the camera (Nikon D7000 + F2.8 24-70 Nikon lens) to try to clean these up and not blow out the sand in the shots. If you have any suggestions, let me know.


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This guy I got for cheap from macna. Got at least an inch and a half of growth
on the shell sense I got it.