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Duncan as Dessert

Discussion in 'Pests and Possible Troublesome Inverts' started by chytownprincess, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. chytownprincess

    chytownprincess Copepod

    Hey everyone. I have an issue with my little Duncan. It hadn't been open in a few weeks. I tested everything numerous times. The parameters are consistent. Calcium 440, kh 10, pH 8.3, magnesium 1460, nitrate 0.10, phosphate 0.01, ammonia/nitrite 0. I do 10-20% water changes every 7-10 days. It is a mixed reef 46g bf. It has about 58# of live rock, and about a 3 1/2 inch sand bed. Fish housed are ocellaris clown, Darwin clown, Bangii cardinal, shark nose goby, and a watchman goby. Dwarf hermit crabs: 3blue leg, 2mexican red leg, and 2 scarlet. I have snails unknown amount of cerith and up to 5 Tonga nassarius. The SPs (ponape, Monti cap, and pink birdsnest), euphyllia (branch and wall hammer ), plays, ZOA,favites, acans, capnella, candy canes, ricordea, GSP, actinodiscus shrooms, and a neon toadstool appear to be happy and are growing well. This morning I moved the rock the Duncan is sitting on slightly and saw a hole in its side (please see PIC). What the hell did this??[​IMG]

    "Hmmmm, gas and car insurance, or a war paint Scoly? I am walking home with my coral! "~Tattooed Nurse
  2. chytownprincess

    chytownprincess Copepod

  3. flyfish

    flyfish Amphipod M.A.S.C Club Member

    Is the Duncan new to the tank?do the clowns have a nem or mushroom they host in.I had a pair of clowns that would try to host every new soft coral I would put in the tank and they killed or irritated everything until I got a large enough toadstool to keep them happy

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