Pondering what to do


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I have
- RKE on my display tank (with Net Module), SL1, and float switches for ATO.
- RKL on my nano. - I am using a JBJ ATO on this tank

I also have spare:
- 2 extra PC4'
- 1 SL1
- 1 ALC

Then today, I purchased Austin's RKE (wihtout the net). It has
- SL1
- 2 PC4's

I was going to use the new RKE to manage the nano, and also the frag tank I have sitting here, waiting to be setup. I could also use the SL1 for ATO's for both tanks. Sounds pretty simple, I just need to buy another temp prob (or can I use the one from the RKL??)

But then I thought. Couldn't I make a 20 foot cord, and just run everything off of my display tank's RKE? If so, will that complicate things, or possible put my DT at risk? I see benefits to separating it out, but also to keeping it together.



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Running them off one rke would be awesome keep things simple. When I getmine up again I'm gona do some consaladating between systems.


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FWIW, I ended up making a 25+ foot cable, and connected everything together. Here is a pic of my main screen, if anyone is interested.



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I know RKE is different in a lot of ways to the Apex, but they basically do the same thing and I was at one point in a similar situation as you. I decided to run everything off one, and in hind sight it was a good decision. Less to manage and everything in one interface.