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This competition turned out to be fierce! Thank you to everyone who is contributing, I know I really enjoy seeing all the fellow CO reefer pics, and getting to know the tanks behind the faces behind the names behind the screen names!

I loved the points djkms made earlier. Then 280G-reefman confirms it with some pretty sweet shots from a 10 year old camcorder!

I am enjoying all the action so much I think I am going to do this on a monthly basis. I think giving out a few free frags a month is definitely worth getting everyone motivated to take pictures of their tank and learn more about photography. I think I would make it so previous winners would have a 2-3 month grace period before being eligible again, and probably ask them to help me judge while they cant compete. What does everyone think of these ideas? Anything I am missing or forgetting to keep it fair and fun for everyone?

also, I feel left out! With all the pictures I have been snapping with my new lens I felt like I had to share what would be my 2 entries.

Mother colony of cherry charms frag that is on the line!

Miami Hurricane chalice


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Monthly, or even bi-monthly would be sweet. I downloaded the software Kris mentioned so I'll be figuring out how to do post processing. Hopefully I can get another one up before the deadline.


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That sounds like a great idea.

You motivated me to dust off the Nikon after an 8 month hiatus from photography. My computer died and I got all nostalgic and started wanting to be in the darkroom again and scoffed at my dslr for a while, lol.

I think it's a great way to keep a lot of people involved and learning about a hobby that's definitely closely intertwined with aquaria. Thanks for putting this together.

I have to do find somewhere to do my post-processing...but should hopefully have pics up before the deadline. Either least I'm shooting again. :)


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good stuff


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Phone pics


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Ok, here's my second. I tried a little post processing on this one.


CRW Reef

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^^^ dang drew that Goni is sick!!! Who new there was such cool detail. That from your phone?


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Thanks Chad. It's actually from my camera. Still contemplating those lenses for my phone.