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The Rest of My Equipment

Discussion in 'Equipment For Sale, Trade or Want to Buy' started by mainn, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. mainn

    mainn Registered Users

    I just tore down my main setup and am officially getting out of the hobby. I am consolidating the remaining items from my last post into this one. I am intending to price my items fairly, but please feel free to make me an offer. I am getting rid of absolutely everything I have that is fish related, I have listed all of my equipment, but there is probably a lot of little things that I am missing, so shoot me a message and I will see if I have it. Additionally, if you are interested in several smaller items I can do a bundle price. I am also willing to bundle additional equipment with the tank if there is any interest in the entire setup. As I find more stuff I will be updating the post.

    Text me for pics: 321-720-3617

    C470 and Quincy (Morrison), Can also meet in Golden

    JBJ Rimless 30 Gal Tank and Equipment 300$

    Included in this is the Tank, JBJ Stand (Needs new hinges for doors, but otherwise sound), Screen top, 2 Return Pumps (Colbalt 1200), Hydor Koralia Nano 240, Hydor Koralia Nano 425, In Tank Flow Director, In Tank Filter Floss Holder, 2 50w Ehiem Jager Heaters Used in conjunction for fail safe, Modified AIO Filter Sock, Egg Crate Media Rack, Stock Media Racks (x2)
    One of the back baffles was removed to fit the larger aquamaxx skimmer (I still have the removed baffle and will be including it), and a lot of the black paint on the back has been scraped away for various fuge setups/ the optical ATO, but otherwise the tank is unmodified.


    Auto Aqua Smart ATO 60$
    Including original tubing and new extra tubing, and a 2.5 Gallon Plastic Reservoir (fits in tank stand)
    4 years old, pump still works like a champ

    Maxspect Razor 60W 75$
    Programmable LED light, Still have the box, 5 years old

    Aquamaxx WS-1 In Sump Skimmer 100$
    I modified the back of the JBJ tank to fit this skimmer, but it is pretty small and could probably fit in many AIO systems. It is the same skimmer as the Aquamaxx HOB but in-sump which gives more peace of mind about leaks.
    2 years old

    1 EcoDrift 4.0 Controllable Powerhead w/ Controller - 70$ (MASC Price $50)
    Still have the boxes

    BRS 4 Stage Value RODI 100 GPD 110$ (Bought New 145$ + DI Resin 13$) (MASC Price 90$)
    Also including the sink attachment which includes multiple adapters, the hose attachment, and a canister wrench.
    I literally bought this and used it once. I was intending to swap it out with my 50GPD Unit, and I never did. The RO Membrane is brand new,but the other filter stages were swapped with partially expended filters from my other unit. The first 2 filters are pretty new, but the DI Resin is done, but I will throw in a new sealed package of BRS DI Resin that I never got around to replacing.

    Barracuda RODI 50GPD 110$ (MASC Price 90$)
    This unit is older, the RO Membrane is probably done. The 1st 2 stages are okay, and the DI Resin is probably almost done as well. This unit has been upgraded with a pressure gauge, flush valve, and an inline TDS meter. The glass on the pressure gauge is cracked, however it is not a fluid filled gauge and works fine. Also including hose adapter, push connect tool, and canister wrench.

    Angle Stop Valve 10$ (5$ with an RODI Unit)
    Paid 15$ for it, I had a hard time finding this part. Literally never used, this is for hooking up an RO unit under a sink.

    Via Aqua 100w heater 5$
    Bought it for 15$ to mix saltwater, never used it

    Noname 100w heater 5$
    Used it in my tank for a long time, then used to mix water. Very reliable, just wanted something better for the tank

    Noname Mixing Pump 5$
    Used it to mix saltwater. It’s a knock off colbalt. Works just fine, just not very high GPD

    Bubbler with new stones 5$


    Instant Ocean Salt ~25 lbs (the bucket is 50lbs) 10$

    Kent Marine Tech Magnesium 64 oz 10$
    It is a few years old, but almost completely full

    Seachem Phosguard 2L 75% Full - 20$ REDUCED 10$

    Seachem Reef Kalkwasser 500grams 80% Full - 10$ REDUCED 5$

    Test Kits (some might be expired, but they all seem to work just fine) 15$ for all
    API: Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrate, PH, Kalk, Calcium, Phosphate, Copper
    Nyos: Magnesium

    Bayer Coral Dip 5$
    Almost new bottle. Also have some dedicated coral dip tupperwares


    BRS Neoprene Leveling Foam 1/8" thick 48x80 Sheet 20$ (New 45$)
    I needed the wider cut of this foam so I couldn't buy a half sheet. I've used less than 75% of it, I think there is only a 26x26" square cut out.

    Refractometer 5$
    Also including calibration solution, the adjustment screw is rusty, so it is hard to change

    Refractometer 5$
    Never used it, but it was a cheapo one from amazon
    Comes with case

    Water Change Kit 10$
    Tons of tubing (probably 5 separate sets), a couple of fish vacuums etc

    Free if you buy something else:

    Fish Jail (Mesh enclosure that hangs on inside of tank to separate fish ~6”X6”X8”

    Frozen Food (A Random Assortment, probably have 4 packs), some is a bit freezer burned

    Nori Clips

    In Tank Filter Floss (2 Sheets)
  2. mainn

    mainn Registered Users

  3. mainn

    mainn Registered Users

    Sold NYOS Mag Test

    Found some QT Supplies, all unused never opened 15$ for the bundle
    Copper Test, Prazipro 4 oz, Mardel Copper Safe 4oz
  4. mainn

    mainn Registered Users


    Make me an offer on anything I have left, I would like to get my garage cleaned out.
  5. mainn

    mainn Registered Users

    Skimmer sold, one of the hydor nano pumps sold.
  6. mainn

    mainn Registered Users

    Make me an offer, I want this stuff out of my garage and am quite willing to negotiate.

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