Nicky J's Reefer 250


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Welcome! and looks good so far. Looking forward to seeing the progress
I'm definitely an anemone guy. The plans is a mix of Digis, Montis, some sticks, Zoas and ideally a centerpiece Ritteri/ Gig.
Fish wise I've never had skunk clowns before so pair of those plus a dwarf angel and a blenny; maybe a captive bred mandarin if I feel good about my pod situation down the road.
Any bulkhead experts?
I installed a new one for the return and it passed my leak test but I think wiggling the pipe to attach the pump I broke the seal and it is now slowly leaking.
What's my best bet? A little backup silicone??
Okay I lowered the water level then recleaned and dried the inside of the overflow. Then I installed a new bulkhead with a bit of silicone this time. Gonna run it like this at least 24 hours and let that cure.
I forgot how long it can take the water to clear after adding sand could be for the best the sump is offline.
Fully up and running as of 10/14
I shopped around a ton on Craigslist & Facebook marketplace for most of the equipment then totally splurged on new Radions View attachment 17774

Equipment List:
2 Radion X15 G5 Blue
Ecotech MP40
Nyos Quantum 120
Tunze Osmolator 3155 ATO
Jebao DCT-6000
AI Prime 16 Fuge
400w titanium heater w/ temp probe
Tropic Marin Pro Reef salt

Next project will be organizing the cabinet / sump area and cleaning up the giant pile of cords to the right of the tank. Also need to find a top off container that looks better than a 5 gallon bucket. Left myself just over 12" from the wall on the right so should have room for something. Got some Algae barn startup stuff on the way. Really excited about this reef.


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looking good! any reason you went with one big heater instead of a couple smaller ones? i just set up my tank and figured a couple would be good back up.

curious if i was wrong is all. thanks and sick tank!