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  • I paid the membership fee back in Feb and attended a meeting (frag swap) is there more to do to become a member?
    Sorry had missed that notification for your payment, but I found it now, and you should be all setup as a member now. Thanks
    Can I pay shipping and have you send the par meter to Longmont, or is there a way to leap frog it closer? I don't know when I'll be in Denver next. Im not too far from Juangutz and it looks like he may need it too. Just let me know the options.
    Thanks , TJ
    Hey bud I’d like to take a lot of that off your hands but my tank isn’t ready yet. Would you be willing to hold that stuff?
    text me or call me for a good time to pic up is cash still good
    gary its about the monti ,and gsp w/encrusted 3039954664
    Hi SynDen. My user name is supposed to be neoalchemist74. If you get a chance to change it that would be awesome. Thanks, Chris.
    Hi Angel, Been a while since I've been on the forum. Have a question about posting rules. Is this where I PM you?
    Hey Syn I need help with a thread I just created. I need to delete the photos and repost them (Originals are huge!)
    So I think the signatures are not working? How do you PM someone I don't see a link anywhere maybe a link when you click on the name? Thanks
    Filling the first tanks in the new system. 200g mixing tank online and operational. Woot!
    Just updated the Player title ladder with a new ladder. Users should all see these updated on their user cards.
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